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Creating an Exhibition Stand with WOW Factor

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Creating an Exhibition Stand with WOW factor


SIM World

It was my first exhibition project to manage from start to finish and Creative Solutions made it easy for me. They were brilliant, I couldn’t have asked for anything else and I’d definitely use them again.” - Ali Singh, Marketing Manager, SIM World

Leighs Paints is a leading UK supplier of low-cost mobile phones serving a number of specialist markets throughout the world. The company operates on a global basis needed a fully portable exhibition stand.


Bright Branding With A Clear Message

SIM World has exhibited before, but always with banner stands. With a new product and a new market to penetrate, increasing brand awareness was a key objective of their show participation – something they felt they could not achieve with a pop-up display. They needed to stand out from the crowd, and there was only shell scheme space available when they booked, they knew that the exhibitors around them would all look the same with similar displays.


A Visually Impactful Exhibition Stand

Creative Solutions worked with SIM World to design an imposing modular stand for the 3 x 3m stand space. The visual impact was created by positioning branding at height giving SIM World instant visibility within the crowded exhibition hall and helping them to stand apart and look different from their neighbouring exhibitors.

Creative use of space enabled them to include a kidney-shaped counter unit for much-needed storage as well as literature stands and two 2-feet high product samples. High impact graphics and the use of plasma screens further enhanced the display and helped to pull visitors towards the exhibition stand.

Creative Solutions delivered the stand within budget, whilst ensuring the impact and functionality remained key. A pre-build of the exhibition stand was also included within the budget.

The pre-build enabled SIM World to see first-hand exactly what their exhibition stand would look like before they arrived at the show.

Turnaround time was amazing,” commented Ali Singh of SIM World. She continued, “Creative Solutions' response to our budget and timescale even allowed enough time for us to erect the stand at our premises in London for all our staff to see before the show. This proved to be really important in everyone being on board with what we were doing and why we were going to the show. We took 7 – 8 staff with us to the exhibition and rotated them on the stand so that they all remained fresh and motivated. This also meant staff had plenty of opportunity to network around the show.”

It’s too early to fully assess the success of the show for SIM World. In terms of brand awareness and raising their profile, they certainly achieved this with many compliments from other exhibitors and a number of high-quality leads were obtained. Some interesting discussions for longer-term relationships are now being developed.

Ali concludes, The modular exhibition stand recommended by Creative Solutions fits our needs perfectly because we can use it at other shows we are attending and when we’re ready, we can add to it and expand the display system as required.”

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Posted on December 17th 2009

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