Everything you need to know about…pop-up bundles

These days exhibitors are looking for more than just display stands; they want all-round display solutions where every need is catered for. This is why pop-up bundles have become so popular within the exhibiting and marketing sector.

With pop-up bundles, you generally get two pop-up stands complete with fire-rated printed panels. You get to choose the size of each stand, and whether you want a straight or curved design. These stands offer a magnetic, self-locking frame, as well as a magnetic hanging system to ensure you end up with perfectly aligned, professional-looking panels.

This allows you to create your own customisable display, where you can add features such as LCD TV stands, podiums, halogen lights, freestanding whiteboards and anything else your exhibiting strategy calls for.

Whilst giving you all of these options, pop-up bundles still remain as simple and quick to set up as pop-up stands. It takes just one person and a matter of minutes to set up these kits, and taking them down is just as easy.

As a final convenient touch, most pop-up bundles come with a secure yet easy transportable carry case, which is perfect if you need to appear at more than one event in the course of a few days.


Posted on June 13th 2011

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