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Bespoke Printed Whiteboard for Kelley Dickinson


No job is too small for us here at Creative Solutions and that’s why Kelley Dickinson got in touch with a charming little domestic project. She was looking for us to design and manufacture a custom-made combination whiteboard for her and her family to use at home. 

Helpfully, Kelley was very specific with her design brief. The board needed to be 32 inches by 32 inches; the layout of which would include both magnetic whiteboard and a 6-inch panel of cork. One section of the whiteboard should have an interchangeable calendar, while the other side should be blank—so the family were able to write notes. 

While Kelley chose a bespoke whiteboard, Creative Solutions do offer more cost-effective options. Included in our range is an equal parts felt and magnetic dry-wipe whiteboard, finished with a high-quality aluminium frame.

As a handy reference point, Kelley was able to provide us with photographs of the whiteboard she and her family were currently using. She also requested that some custom artwork be added to the calendar, to represent each of her three sons; namely a tank, dinosaur and soldier.

Custom Printed Whiteboards are a hugely versatile product. They are equally effective in the workplace as they are in educational environments or at home. Creative Solutions are able to print on to your whiteboard any design you could possibly imagine. Whether that’s a calendar, as requested by the Dickinson family, bespoke artwork or a map. They’re immensely popular with children, too, thanks to the unlimited potential design choices. A perfect feature for a bedroom. 

Our custom whiteboards use only the finest dry-wipe material on the market, while providing a range of laminated finishes to suit a variety of budgets. The whiteboards are also available in either non-magnetic or, as chosen by Kelley, magnetic.


Creative Solutions went about designing the graphics which would feature on the whiteboard. This meant fabricating the individual icons which represented each family member; the tank, the soldier, the stilettos and so on. This design stage also included the layout of the calendar, based on the image files supplied by the client and the original brief. The overall artwork phase was completed in 60 minutes.

We supplied the client with a bespoke, fully-colour printed magnetic combination whiteboard, finished with premium dry-wipe laminate. As per the brief, the whiteboard came with a 6-inch section of cork at the bottom, perfect for pinning notes and photographs. As with all our clients, this product came with a 5-year surface guarantee. The overall dimensions of the board were 813 by 813 mm.

This is a wonderfully stylish and functional product, one that Kelley and her family were delighted with.

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Posted on February 26th 2020

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