Link2 Triple Roller Banner Stand

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Link2 Triple Roller Banner Stand

LED Light & Transformer
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Key Features

Offering unprecedented flexibility, the Link2 Roller Banner Stand is the world's first fully linkable roller banner stands. With the ability to use it as a single roller banner or joined together to form a fantastic back wall, one advantage of the Link 2 is the ease of switching over graphics.

  • Includes 3 single banner stands & 2 easi-link kits.
  • World's first fully linkable roller banner.
  • Retractable pull up banner.
  • Twist & Lock mechanism for tool free assembly.
  • High-quality changable graphics.
  • Build your wall display to any size.
  • Production turnaround of 5-7 working days

Product Description

The interchangeable cassette of the LInk 2 means you can change the graphics by yourself without having to send it back to us. The Link2 pull up banner also includes optional twist out feet on both sides, meaning it can be pushed up snug against the wall if needed.

Stands can be joined together in a straight line, by purchasing the Link2 easi-link kit along with two Link 2 banner stands. The stands fit together perfectly and the graphics slide across left and right to ensure they match up.

To work around corners with maximum flexibility, the Link2 flexi-link can be purchased. This kit includes a middle graphic and joining bars, allowing you to work the Link 2 into a concave shape, ideally suited for exhibition stands and shell schemes. 



Display Area


Overall Size


Base Dimensions



2000mm 2550 x 2000mm 2580 x 2140 x 160mm 860 x 140 x 135mm (x3) Anti-curl grey-backed roll-up film (420gsm)       18.3 kg
2175mm          2550 x 2175mm           2580 x 2315 x 160mm                860 x 140 x 135mm (x3)            Anti-curl grey-backed roll-up film (420gsm)             18.3 kg

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