Pop Up Bundle Exhibition Stand 3x3 Eco

Pop Up Bundle Exhibition Stand 3x3 Eco

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Tabletop Colour
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    Key Features

    Our cheapest pop-up bundle available, our economy bundle features all you need to create a fantastic exhibition display to draw customers to your stand. The mechanical-locking stand comes complete with all fittings, an inlay beech counter top, as well as 2 powerful halogen floodlights. The wheeled transit case with a printed wrap makes transporting your pop up a hassle free experience. The stand is incredibly easy to set up and can be assembled by one or two people in just a few hours. The 'Click and twist' mechanism is simple to use and creates a superb display. 

    • Lifetime Guarantee on all hardware
    • Includes lighting, transit case & table top
    • Incredible value exhibition stand
    • Everything you need for a complete display at your next exhibition
    • Full colour digital print with photographic quality
    • 'Click and twist' mechanism for easy set up 

    Sizes Explained

    3x1, 3x2, 3x3 etc. These sizes may seem at bit strange at first but they are actually quite simple. Rather than metres or feet, these sizes refer to the number of panels on your Pop-Up.

    For example 3x2 stand is 3 'sections' high by 2 'sections' wide. 

    A 3x3  stand is 3 'sections' high by 3 'sections' wide.

    We hope this explains it a little bit better. This system is also quite useful for determining how many posters will be required for your Pop-Up Display. For more information see the detailed specification below.


    3x3 Curved

    Item: 3x3 Curved Easy Pop-Up
    Footprint Area (width x depth): 2540 x 670mm
    Visible Area (width x height): 2745 x 2230mm
    Total Graphics Area (width x height): 3365 x 2230mm
    D-End Cap Size (width x height): 673 x 2230mm
    Centre Panel Size (width x height): 673 x 2230mm
    Optional Outer Panel Size (width x height): 808 x 2230mm

    Design Service

    Need help with your design?

    Why not use our in-house design team to help you make the most out of your Eco Pop Up.

    Our designers will work with you to create a professional design to your exact specification. You can be as involved as you want to be in the design process, either working side by side with our designers or giving them your design brief.

    This would give you full access to one of our designers to design your product from scratch based on your brief. If you supply all logos and text and we only need to do a quick layout, you may not get charged at all.

    Unlike some other companies we want to offer value for money, you will only be charged for actual time taken ( minimum 15 minute intervals).


    Artwork Templates

    How To Order Your Printed Product

    Choose Product Icon

    1. Choose your product options

    Add To Basket Icon

    2. Add to basket and complete checkout

    Upload Artwork Icon

    3. Sort out artwork to be used

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    4. We'll print your product

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    5. Delivery & Installation

    1. Using the drop down menu's above, select the product options that suit you best. Ensure you have the right size product using the options above.

    2. Once you've sorted all of your options, go through the checkout process and order your product. 
    3. If you have your own image you want to use, now is the time to send it across. In the basket you'll be asked if you want to upload any images, at this point you can send your image to our graphic design team. We'll then check the image is a high enough resolution, and send you a digital proof within 2-3 days for you to check your happy with it. 

      If you don't have artwork and want to work with our graphic design team, either we'll contact you using the details on the order, or you can speak to the team as soon as you're ready by either uploading it using the 'artwork upload tab', emailing studio@creative-solutions-direct.co.uk or calling 01297 630130. If you provide our designers with a brief, we can give you an estimate on costs and get straight to work once approved. Design time is chargeable at £60.00p/h, but we only charge in 15-minute intervals so you get maximum value.

    4. Once you've confirmed you're happy with how it's going to look, we'll send it straight down to our production team and on to the printers. 
    5. As soon as your product is ready, we'll send it out direct to your door via courier delivery

      Alternatively, we're more than happy to install your product on-site for you. For an additional charge, our installation team will meet you on site at an agreed time and date and professionally fit your printed product for a perfect finish.

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