Printed Roll Media

This is an overview of the main roll media products that we print onto.

The roll media list is not exhaustive and we are always looking for and adding to our roll print medias. Please see a brief overview of the media below. Particular products will use certain roll medias which will be explained on the product pages themselves. Please feel free to call our print department on 01297 630130 to discuss your printed roll media requirements.

440 gsm Printed Banner Vinyl (Jet 400)

This is our mid weight 440gsm printed PVC banner vinyl which is specifically suited for front-lit applications. It can accept high ink coverage and is waterproof and weather resistant making it perfect for outdoor use. There are a wide variety of uses for this product including banners, exhibition and signage.

  • Printed and finished in house
  • Excellent sharp, colourful images
  • Weather proof
  • Can be welded, grommetted and sewn

JET 400 Media Specification

Weight/Thickness: 360 g/m2
Coating / Finish: PVC coating
Colour: White

550gsm Printed Banner Vinyl (JET550)

Printed Heavy Duty Banner Vinyl

This is our highest quality printed banner vinyl. 550gsm Banner Vinyl is a PVC coated fabric for frontlit digital printing on 1 side. Jet 550 is mechanically strong and perfectly suitable for outdoor signage. 

  • Perfectly smooth fabric
  • Mechanically strong yet supple
  • Excellent colour rendering
  • Waterproof

JET 550 Media Specification

Weight / Thickness: 560g/m2
Coating / Finish: PVC Coating
Colour: White

Jettex Textile Printed Banner

Get great results from our stunning photo quality textile canvas. Jettex textile Banner is an eco-friendly fabric from the Evergreen Fabrics range that is flame retardant and printable on 1 side by digital printing using solvent, UV and Latex inks.

Jettex textile Banner is a natural looking fabric that is lightweight, non-reflective and no-curl. It is ideal for interior use such as for wall covering, window display backdrops, displays, roll-ups, kakemono, point of sale displays and for the decoration and design of tradeshow booths.

  • No-curl
  • Eco-friendly fabric
  • Flame retardant
  • Non-reflective
  • Natural look
Weight / Thickness: 280g/m2
Coating / Finish: Polyester fabric / EverGreen coating
Colour: White

Mesh Banner Vinyl

Printed Mesh Banner Vinyl

This is our 300gsm Mesh banner PVC. The mesh construction allows for excellent weather resistance, functioning perfectly fine in windy conditions due to the holes in the material. Another benefit of using mesh is that it is tear proof, giving you peace of mind when using your banner outdoors. Mesh PVC also has a protective release liner to ease printing and with a large surface area for enhanced images and accurate colour reproduction. Common uses of Mesh banner vinyl are exhibitions, indoor and outdoor events and signage.

  • Non-Tear
  • Excellent wind resistance for outdoor usage
  • Holes allow for great long distance viewing
  • Excellent Durability

Mesh Banner Vinyl Specification

Weight / Thickness: 300g/m2
Coating / Finish: Polyester grille / PVC coating
Colour: White

Rigid PVC Pop-up Banner 360mic

Printed 360mic Rollable PVC

This 360 micron rigid PVC Pop-up Banner is perfect for pop-systems. It has a high white matt finish with enhanced opacity and an enhanced microporous coating for instant dry printing producing stunning colour output.

Applications for PVC pop-up banner are events, exhibitions, point-of-sale siaplay, pop-up display banners, presentations and retail. 

  • Matt white back finish
  • 100% light blockout
  • Stay flat
  • Brilliant colour output

Rigid PVC Media Specification

Thickness: 360 micron
Colour: White

PVC Roll-Up Banner 220micron

Printed 220 micron rollable PVC

This 220micron white back semi-rigid film is perfect for roll-up banners. It has a high white matt finish with enhanced opacity for minimum show through and a microporous coating for instant dry printing.

Applications include events, exhibitions,, poin-of=sale, presentations, retail, roll-up display banners.

  • High opacity
  • Stay flat qualities
  • Matt white back finish
  • Brilliant colour output

PVC Rollup PVC Banner 220micron Specification

Thickness: 220 micron
Colour: White

PVC Free Grey Back Roll-Up Banner

Printed PVC Free Roll Up Film

A cost effective grey backed pvc free roll-up banner perfect for short term displays. Vibrant colours can be achieved due to its satin high white surface. It has a grey back for good opacity so everything you need from a roll-up banner.

Applications for events, exhibition, point-of-sale, presentations, retail, roll-up display banners.

  • PVC Free, so environmentally friendly
  • Vibrant colour reproduction
  • Very cost effective
  • Grey back for improved opacity

PVC Free Grey Backed Specification

Thickness: 180 micron
Colour: White

Textured Roll-Up Banner Film

Textured Roll-Up Film is a unique product. Textured Roll-up Banner has been manufactured to meet all the technical requirements of a market-leading point-of-sale roll-up, yet also reduce the cost for customers requiring an economical solution for high-volume, premium projects. Textured Roll-up Banner comes with all the stay-flat properties and "No Need to Laminate - Just print" durability of a scratch-resistant textured finish that is now expected of premium block-out, roll-up media. Textured Roll-up Banner’s satin finish also delivers, punchy colourful prints and can handle the majority of ink loads required for display graphics.

Applications for textured roll-up film are roll-up display banners, retail and point-of-sale,

  • A grey-back for blockout and a sharp, crystal textured surface for sophisticated print results.

  • Exceptional colour reproduction and stay-flat properties designed to meet the majority of printed image ink-loads.

  • Textured Roll-up Banner has been created to be cost-effective as the durable, scratch-resistant finish speeds-up production time by removing the need for lamination in normal use.

  • A unique product created to help meet "high-volume" customer needs — and it’s an economical point-of-sales solution.

Textured Roll-Up Banner Specification

Weight: 230gsm
Coating / Finish: Grey backed with textured coating
Colour: White

Polyester Roll-Up Banner Film

A Polyester Roll-Up Banner Film for roll-up banners. This has been coated with a universal receiver layer on one side and a grey stoplight on the reverse to give 100% minimum show through. As with most polyester films it has exceptional stability and has been anti-statically treated for problem free printing.

Applications for this media are usually events, exhibition, point-of-sale, retail and roll-up display banners,

  • Grey back for minimum show through
  • Anti-static treated
  • Excellent high colour definition
  • Polyester base for exceptional stability
  • High tear resistance

Polyester Roll-Up Banner Film Specification

Weight: 150 micron
Colour: White

Polyester Backlit Film

A universal thick polyester backlit film that has a specially designed inkjet coating which allows incredible dense blacks to be reproduced. Water and fade resistant, this film has excellent light diffusion, perfect for lightbox displays.

Applications for this media are advertising, exhibitions and lightbox signs.

  • Exceptional dense blacks can be achieved
  • Superb light diffusion 
  • Special water and fade resistant inkjet coating
  • Great dimensional stability

Polyester Backlit Film Specification

Weight: 200 micron
Coating / Finish: PVC coating
Colour: White

Matt Poster Paper 180gsm

Matt coated paper designed for high resolution quick-dry poster printing. High quality fine art production for use on internal posters only.

  • Heavy coated matt papers
  • High resolution poster printing using both dye and pigmented inks
  • Excellent quality 
  • PVC Free
  • PEFC / Recyclable

Matt Poster Paper 180gsm Specification

Weight: 180gsm
Coating / Finish: Matt Coated
Colour: White

Premium Printed Silk Posters

Printed External Premium Poster Paper

Premium posters are our highest quality printed posters. The print material is specially developed polypropylene ‘paper’ that has a high white silk surface. It is PVC-free and resistant to tearing; making it ideal for customers looking for durable supreme quality posters. The smooth surface enables colours to be vibrant when printed. Common uses of these posters are exhibition, point of sale and signage. Our premium poster material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Applications for the premium silk poster paper are external and exhibition, point-of-sale and signage.

  • Bright white silk finish
  • Scratch resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Tear proof
  • Outstanding light diffusion

Premium Printed Silk Posters Specification

Thickness: 190 micron
Colour: White

Gloss Photo Paper 200gsm

Printed Gloss Photopaper

An exceptional 200gsm high gloss finish photo paper with a microporous coating. This unique coating allows instant dry printing and produces brilliant colour reproduction.

Applications forthis outdoor use applications, exhibitions, photographic, poin-of-sale, posters, retail.

  • High gloss finish
  • Water resistant
  • Exceptional photographic quality and feel
  • Excellent colour output

Gloss Photo Paper Specification

Weight: 200gsm
Coating / Finish: Microporous Gloss Coating
Colour: White

Satin Photo Paper 200gsm

Printed Satin Poster Paper

An exceptional 200gsm satin finish photo paper with a microporous coating. This unique coating is non-reflective and allows instant dry printing. Colours are further enhanced by the extra white appearance.

Main areas of application for this product are exhibition, photographic, posters and retail situations.

  • Non-reflective satin finish
  • Excellent high resolution colour output
  • Exceptional photographic quality and feel
  • Extra white appearance

Satin Photo Paper Specification

Weight: 200 gsm
Coating / Finish: Microporous Satin Coating
Colour: White

Self-Adhesive Calendered Vinyl

Printed 3 year Self Adhesive Vinyl with Matt Laminate

This is our budget unlaminated self adhesive vinyl. We print, you mount using our self-adhesive vinyl. Our vinyls can be printed and cut to produce display advertising including company logos. This particular vinyl is 100 micron monomeric bright white gloss vinyl with a permanent adhesive and a single sided ‘moisture stable’ siliconised release liner, perfect for outdoor use and is excellent for high quality graphics. Common uses of our printed budget vinyl range are in exhibitions, retail, point of sale and signage. 

Intermediate Grade 5 Year Calendered Digital Vinyl

Digital Vinyl offers a very high level of performance for medium term applications including point of sale, signing, exhibition and display, vehicle graphics and applications onto most flat or gently curved surfaces. This high quality 5 year calendered film is manufactured using a proprietary coating technology.

  • Sharp image reproduction
  • Permanent solvent free adhesive
  • Great colour density
  • Moisture stable silicon release liner
  • Also available with blockout. high tack or air release adhesive.

Intermediate Grade 5 Year Calendered Digital Vinyl Specification

Adhesive: Permanent Clear Solvent Based Adhesive
Weight: 140gsm Layflat PE (Blue Print) Liner
Lifespan: 3 years external, when laminated
Fire Rating: Class B
Vinyl Finish: White Gloss

Self-Adhesive High Performance Calendered Digital Vinyl

Printed 5 year performance self adhesive vinyl

This is our standard self adhesive vinyl. Vinyls can be printed and cut to produce display advertising including company logos. This particular vinyl is a 90 micron polymeric bright white gloss vinyl with a solvent free release liner and is laminated as standard. Easy to apply and perfect for long term outdoor applications. Common uses of our standard vinyl range are in printing for exhibitions, retail, point of sale and signage.

  • Permanent clear solvent based adhesice
  • Moisture stable silicon release liner
  • Easy to apply
  • Great colour density
  • Also available with, blockout, high tack or air release

Self-Adhesive High Performance Calendered Digital Vinyl

Media Thickness: 70 Micron Polymeric Calendered Vinyl
Adhesive: Clear Solvent Based Adhesive
Media Weight: 140gsm Layflat PE Kraft (Grey Print) Liner
Lifespan: 5 - 7 Years External when Laminated
Fire Rating: Class B
Surface Finish: White Gloss

Cast 3M Controltac IJ180 Series (Printable Vehicle Vinyl)

Printed Self Adhesive Vehicle Vinyl Gloss Laminated

The IJ180 is our standard vehicle wrapping film, we use other vinyl in the 3M IJ380 range for more complex curves or recesses

A premium cast 50 micron film with a permanent, grey pigmented adhesive for excellent hiding power. For digital print applications to flat or moderately curved surfaces for car wraps and single step, shallow recessed vans. 

Combining Controltac and Comply v3 adhesive features for ultimate repositionability and air release. Controltac technology allows you to slide and reposition the graphic before activating the adhesive for perfect results, whilst the Comply non-visible air channels enable fast and bubble free application.

  • For flat or moderately curved surfaces
  • Controltac repositionable and Comply v3 air release adhesive
  • Excellent hiding power and opacity
  • With 8580/8580M 25 micron overlaminates

Cast Vehicle Vinyl Specification

Media Thickness: 50 micron
Adhesive: Clear Solvent Permanent Adhesive with Air Release system
Lifespan: 5 years External
Media Finish: White Gloss

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