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Print Media

Here we explain in detail our print options used across our printed product range. These are roll media and rigid substrate media that we print onto with a variety of printing techniques for different applications.

These pages will explain the actual medias themselves ,so you can ensure that you choose the correct rollor substrate for use. This is a brief overview and we will be adding further products, information and specification sheets as the become available.  

All the types of print and inks will be detailed on a different page. The type of ink that a media takes will be detailed here with a link to the ink and printer type.

We do have a wide range of other media choices available if you have any specific requirements, please call us on 01297 630 130, we are sure that we can help you.

Printed Roll Media

Printed Roll Media Information

Further information on some of the most popular roll medias we can print here at Creative Solutions

Gloss Lamination

Print Finishing Information

Further details on laminates and the various print finishing options.

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