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Vinyl Signage & Roller Door Graphics for Arc Edge Metalwork


Vinyl Signage & Roller Door Graphics for Arc Edge Metalwork


Arc Edge Metalwork

Arc Edge Metalwork is an independent company specialising in welding, metal art, sculpture and a bespoke metalwork projects operating out of Bridport in Dorset, also carrying out general fabrication and commercial metalwork services across the South West.


No Fixings Vinyl Signage

Our client got in touch via or website contact form, looking for signage that wouldn't require any fixings or drilling to mount having recently moved to  a new workshop space. The project was going to entail his outdoor presence, with a self-adhesive vinyl sign, vinyl graphics on the roller door and a smaller A3 vinyl sign fixed to the metal door - but for the best quality prints with high-resolution when scaling a logo to these larger sizes, we first we needed to assist with the business logo.


When a digital logo is created it can be as complex as you desire, however when translated into printed formats, proximity in lines, colours, file size and other factors may mean your logo will not come out in large format as you wish. This also applies to when your logo needs to appear in different sizes, from on the side of a vehicle, to a large sign above your business. If the graphic isn't scalable, it will reach a point where it starts to blur. This is where to vector format comes in - making your logo scalable to any size and shape without blurring or limitations.

We took the Arc Edge Metalwork branding and recreated this into a vectorised format, making it much more workable in the larger sizes required. The whole idea behind vector graphics is that they derive from mathematically defined shapes – like lines or curves. Since you can extend a line or a curve infinitely without any loss, these qualities are inherited in vector files. This vector file can now be translated into any medium the team needs, be it branded clothing, marketing material, signage, large format print, neon tube lighting - anything. 

Need help recreating and vectorising your business logo? No problem! Get in touch with our in-house graphic designers.

Arc Edge Metalwork Digital Artwork Proofing Sheet for Vinyl Signage & Roller Garage Door Vinyl Application
Digital Artwork Proofing Document
Vinyl Door Sign Sticker On Metal Door & Graphics On Industrial Roller Door
Self-Adhesive Vinyl Door Sign
Roller Door Vinyl Application & Metal Door Signage for Arc Edge Metalwork
Self-Adhesive No Fixings Signage


Renter Friendly Self-Adhesive Signage

As most industrial business units are rented, some landlords may have contract clauses against permanent fixing methods being used for signage and displays. Sometimes it is also just easier as a tenant to explore alternative signage options that don't come with the hassle of fixings and drilling into brick, metal and cladding.

Our signage vinyls can be used in a multitude of settings and fixed to an even larger range of materials for long-lasting business displays! Our premium vinyls are completely printable and can be up to 3 meters wide in a single piece before it will need to be split into sections (this is for ease of installation but also later for removal when you chose to refresh your display or move premises).

Once printed the vinyl is laminated as standard in your choice of matt or gloss finishes, giving it a 5 or 7 year guarantee pending how long you need the signage for. Most external applications will need to be refreshed in 5-7 years due to weather damage, UV, colour fade or general wear and tear, or even your branding changing as your business grows.

The high-tack vinyl is easily installed by our professional fitters who will clean the application area, apply the graphics and quality check every inch.

It was a pleasure to work with the Arc Edge Metalwork team, and we hope they are settling into their new unit! We look forward to working with you again in the future.

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Posted by Samantha on October 11th 2023

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