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Vehicle Signwriting for The Tipsy Tuk


Creative Solutions were commissioned to print and install the vehicle graphics on to a Tuk Tuk, a quirky little vehicle often known as a Rickshaw. Supplied by Tukxi, the design was supplied by the client ready for installation.


As with all of our vehicle graphics, our graphic design team lay up the graphics digitally using advanced CAD software. It provides the client with an accurate depiction of how the the finished vehicle will look once signwritten, and serves as a reference point for our installation team. The designers worked with the client to ensure that the graphics would display perfectly on the Tuk Tuk, removing an inline in the text to allow the colour of the van to come through. 

Once confirmed, the graphics were printed ready for installation. An Ivory Gloss 800 Premium Cast Vinyl was used, which conformed perfectly to the vehicle panels. The design included graphics on both sides, back and doors of the Rickshaw.

The installation took place in house at our facility in Axminster, East Devon.

To find out more about working with Creative Solutions on your vehicle graphics, speak to our team on 01297 630130 or email us at

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Posted by Jedd on November 24th 2017

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