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Vehicle Graphics for Bridmet, Bridport

Located in Pymore, Bridport Bridmet are a UK sub-contract manufacturer of metal components and assemblies. They have extensive experience serving industries including medical, aerospace, recycling, renewable energy, architectural, military and communications.


After inviting several businesses to pitch for the work, Bridmet commissioned Creative Solutions to design, print and install two vehicle graphics jobs. Working with very different branding for each vehicle, Bridmet provided our design team with a mock up of how they wanted the designs to look supplemented by their corporate brand guidelines.


Our studio created the artwork from the original brief and mock ups supplied by Bridmet. The client's mock ups were used and recreated in to a digital preview showing exactly how both vehicles would look finished. 

Vehicle Graphics Preview

The Citroen Despatch van was a half wrap using state of the art 3M IJ180 digitally printed vehicle wrapping vinyl. The Peugeot 3.5T box van had subtle branding on the can and rear side doors. Both vehicles wrere installed in our specialist unit in Axminster in the same week. Below is a time lapse video of part of the wrapping installation.

If you're interested in working with Creative Solutions on your vehicle graphics, speak to our team on 01297 630130 or email us at sales@creative-solutions-direct.co.uk.

Posted by Jedd on February 19th 2018

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