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Outdoor Signs for Behind the Scenes Talent


The brainchild of photographer and marketing guru, Jess Guest, Behind The Scenes Talent is a full-service photographic and beauty agency.

With a contemporary outlook, mixed with a keen ability to harness creative talent, this agency is now at the forefront of a new generation of photographers, hair stylists, nail technicians, stylists and makeup artists.

For this particular brief, Creative Solutions would be visiting one the company’s hair salons in Taunton, Somerset.


Following the government’s COVID roadmap, and the reopening of many businesses across the UK during April, now is an ideal opportunity to update and improve the outdoor signage of your premises. A makeover of your external signage can be a great way of letting your customers know you’re ready and open for business.

Behind the Scenes Talent contacted the team here at Creative Solutions looking for some fresh, modern outdoor signage—a combination of standoff acrylic lettering and window displays—to give their premises a new lease of life for the April the 12th reopening.

Standoff lettering is a popular option for high-end hair salons of this nature, thanks to its contemporary appearance and stunning visual impact. For a business that’s all about style and cutting-edge aesthetic, standoff lettering signage sits perfectly with the very essence of Behind the Scenes Talent.


We provided the client with the standoff lettering acrylic signs to be installed at their Taunton premises. The BTS section of the display, measuring 772mm high for a stunning visual impact, used 5mm white acrylic. Meanwhile, the Hair & Beauty tagline measured 115mm high and used the same 5mm white acrylic. Both sections of the display feature a simple block capital font for a modern, stylised aesthetic. The sign itself was supplied with Snapfix medium 16mm standoff locators and template. 

We also provided two circular 600mm diameter window vinyls featuring the BTS logo—these were cut in reverse for application to the inside of the window. The vinyl came in a stunning white gloss to harmonise with the main wall-mounted logo. 

Inside the premises, we installed a high-quality wall vinyl; an 800mm diameter BTS Hair & Beauty logo, using the same branding guidelines. For this sign, we used a black gloss vinyl in order for the logo to stand out against the lighter wall colour. 

Happily for the client, the entire installation was completed in time for their grand reopening on April the 12th, in accordance with the government roadmap out of lockdown. It’s great to see local businesses back on their feet again, and we’re delighted to be able to help them restart trading with a bang!

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Posted on April 15th 2021

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