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Matt Finish Vinyl Graphics for Private Clients Ford Transit


Matt Finish Vehicle Graphics for Private Clients Ford Transit


Personalising your Vehicle

Our Client came to Creative looking to get some graphics applied to their Ford Transit to embellish and personalise it whilst in their care. They had purchased some Ford Transit vehicle-specific graphics online they wished to have applied, as well as have our services to size up, design, and install the main feature.

The vehicle in question was on a PCP lease with the dealership and was due to be returned at the end of its contract in a few year's time, so any graphics applied needed to be removable when booked back in, and not have any lasting residue or effect on the vehicle paintwork.

We spend so much time in our vehicles commuting from A to B, and finance plans for vehicles are now the norm for most. So why NOT take ownership whilst it's in your care, and make it truly yours, right?


Applying Vehicle Graphics, and Removing Them

Pre-Purchased Vehicle Graphics (Above Far Right): Our client came in with some pre-purchased vehicle-specific graphics, not sure of the quality or if we could install them. They also wanted a bold matt black double stripe running over the length of the vehicle, with a bright orange trim. Firstly, we asked them to come in with the graphics, where we run a small test on them to check the quality, cut, tack, and vinyl branding to pinpoint its manufacturer, and also if it has been cut from a sheet, or printed.

If your self-bought vinyl graphics either do not meet our own stringent quality levels, or we feel in any way they will not fulfill your personal objective, we will advise you of this there and then. On this occasion, however, the graphics were purchased from a reputable dealer and met our tests. In this instance, we can quote for the graphics to be installed, but cannot take liability or offer any warranty as the graphics are not of our own creation.

Installing Cut Vinyl Vehicle Graphics (Above Far Left & Middle Left): Cut Vinyl Vehicle Graphics are created using a high-performance vinyl, featuring the ‘MetaScape’ adhesive system. This offers ease of application by providing air with an exit route from under the graphic but also rich colour vibrancy in single colours or custom printing. It makes for faster, trouble-free application of larger graphics onto smooth, flat, or slightly curved surfaces, perfect for vehicles that are in constant weather exposure.

For this job in particular, if you have a vehicle that is either leased, on a finance plan and you have no intention of keeping the vehicle, due to be sold or have bodywork undertaken, vehicle graphics CAN be removed - they are a temporary addition to your vehicle like a full wrap service, and will not damage or mar the vehicle if you are looking to give it back, or sell.  We will apply the graphics using the best tools and techniques and ensure all quality checks are performed for a long-term application. when you are ready to have them removed, we also offer this service, and will professionally and safely remove the vinyl, any residue, and restore our vehicle to its former self, as this client plans to do in the future.

As you can see in the image above (Middle Right), our in-house Graphic Design Studio will always create an artwork proof for you to be able to see the final installation from all angles before any printing or production commences.


Caring for Newly Applied Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

We take all projects big and small, long-term or temporary very seriously, and want you to find joy in your investment. Caring for your vehicle graphics does not need to be complicated or expensive, but it is different than caring for a painted car or full wrap. Just take a look at our How To Vinyl Wrap A Car Blog to see the full process, but here is a short summary:


  • We would always recommend cleaning your car often to prevent build-up of excess road dust and dirt - and with your investment into wrapping your car, wouldn't you always want it looking its best? Find a provider of car washing equipment that is made to work with vinyl vehicle applications, the best ones on the market will protect glossy finishes and prevent hazing of matte vinyl finishes.
  • Do not use brush car washes! They are far too harsh for vinyl, and you will end up tearing or scratching your application - best to stick to a warm, soapy damp cloth and bucket. The same with not washing your car with a wax-based product before wrapping, we do not recommend it for after-care either - the wax can mar the texture of your vinyl affecting its appearance.
  • Pressure Washers are okay, but make sure the psi is much, much lower and never above 1300 PSI, gentler pressure is better. It is possible to safely pressure wash a wrapped vehicle, but it is not the most risk-free solution.


  • A quality car wrap and graphics can last 5-7years, sometimes even 10+ if well cared for!  Depending on the quality of the wrap, type of vinyl, the care taken before, during, and after installation, and environmental factors, car graphics can last from 3 to 10 years. More often than not we find 5-7years is about right considering what a car goes through throughout the year.


  • Yes - Despite a vinyl wrap only being a temporary cosmetic change over your car’s original colour, you should indeed tell your car insurance company and the DVLA right away if you’ve just had the vehicle wrapped or graphics applied. This also applies to any ‘signwriting’ you’ve had done on a vehicle if it involves the same process as a wrap i.e. the application of your company’s logo or livery on a company car or van in the form of printed or plain colour vinyl film. Not all insurance companies view wraps and graphics as a ‘modification’, often it is just a case of needing to tell them, but is of course on a case-by-case basis with your provider.


  • We recommend a less harsh approach when caring for your new vinyl wrap. Opt for handwashing, and not brush car-washes as they are too harsh and will damage the vinyl on your vehicle. We also do not recommend wax-based soaps as these affect the finish of the vinyl. A pressure washer is okay, but only gently and at a lower psi.


  • You may think this, as the strong adhesive is bonding to the paint of your car, but it can be easily and safely removed when you want to. Wrapping your car is actually a protective measure! It protects the paint from UV light and can mean your car's resale value is better maintained.


As an extra protective measure as we are set for a few more quite warm days – we recommend trying to park in a shaded spot if possible. The adhesive on the vinyl can take approximately 24-48hrs to really bond with the vehicle surface, and any extreme exposure to heat may slow this down. If you notice any lifting, peeling or the like, please contact us and take some photos of the problem areas and we can assist.


To Our Client

Thank you very much for intrusting us with your vehicle, we hope you now enjoy he many miles ahead and these custom graphic applications. We look forward to seeing you again in a few years to get these safely removed, and maybe get your next one booked in...?

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Posted by Samantha on August 17th 2022

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