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De-chrome Detailing for Private Clients Peugeot 208


De-chrome Detailing for Private Clients Peugeot 208


Personalising your Vehicle

So you're at the showroom, talking to the Sales Rep about your new vehicle. You take it for a test ride and fall in love and the deed is done. It doesn't effect your love of the vehicle, but down the road, some little features stick out you. 

Be it you see loads of cars on the road the same as yours and you don't feel unique or special, the colour trim stands out, or the manufacturer has used a different colour or pattern entirely for your wing mirrors. Little things like these soon add up, and you want to make your vehicle personalised. From personal experience owning a red motorbike, I realised early that I love the bike, but the red for me, is the wrong red.

We spend so much time in them either commuting, going on trips or driving for the love of driving, why NOT take ownership and make it truly yours, right?


Small Changes have a Big Impact

Our Private Client was experiencing just that issue with their beloved Peugeot 208. They had previously contacted us many years ago to enquire, and this June finally made the change they always wanted to see.

Quite simply, the factory fit chrome effect grill and light surrounds added a frame to the front of the car and lights. Against the dark gloss black this stood out a lot for the client, who had seen an image of a 208 with a black grill, making the car look not only more uniform, but sleeker and 'darker'.

We often post works of vehicle that have had complete colour change wraps like the Orange Tesla or even the Blue Tesla, but the key is in the details like this VW Minivan homage to their children. Small changes can make the world of difference when done right, and don't break the bank! From just your mirrors or the roof of your car like the iconic union jack on Mini's, making your car your own with the smaller features is sometimes all it needs.


Detailing your Vehicle

With all vehicle wrapping and car graphics, we will create a design template of your vehicle to send you as a proofing sheet for how the finished installation will appear from all sides, giving you a chance to see your vision before anything gets signed off to whether you truly like it.

As will all projects big and small, we understand the need to create quotes around your budget and can send vinyl samples for you to see colour options and finishes.

Looking for something a bit more unique? Our design studio can help you get your ideas onto paper, talking you through the process and tinkering with designs until you're 100% satisfied.

Got something bigger than a hatchback? No problem! We've done detailing to all sized vehicles used for all purposes. Like our Private Client here, taxis, and even business machinery. The joy of vinyl wrapping is it really can encompass as much of your vehicle as you want within your design ideas and budget, with no personal vehicle or carlorry, or fleet of vehicles an issue!

We also offer a removal service if you've got a vehicle with vinyl already installed, or needs replacing.

We hope our client has re-found their love of driving and their beloved car! It was a brilliant afternoon getting your car just how you want it!

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Posted by Samantha on July 1st 2022

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