Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibition Design for Air Control Industries

As written by our lead designer Leigh:

Creative have worked with ACI “Air Control Industries” for a number of years and it is always great to revisit a brand and design new items for the company.

At the start of this year, we were commissioned to reproduce an exhibition design with additional items.

Having worked with the brand in the past and developed new brand characters, the creative team were able to suggest creative ideas to enhance the stand and the products displayed.

Utilising the items created for the company's internal graphics, the studio created a good array of ideas. A particularly strong graphic is the blue print sketches that were produced when the company was first founded. This graphic illustrates the heritage of the company and the technical ability. Obviously, all designs produced currently by ACI are all CAD based today. But these old drawings give the company a tangible link to past development and show the experience behind the engineering team.  

Using this main graphic as a backdrop to logo and text information creates a more interesting design for the stand. The main purposes of the stand were to advertise the air drying qualities of one of their products, specifically air drying bottles and cans that are run along a production line.

Exhibition Stand Design
Exhibition Wall Graphics Design
Exhibition Design for ACI

My main goal was to show this in a clear and concise way. Utilising the images from the library at ACI, I used the can graphics before and after as this was a clear and crisp image and illustrates the efficiency of the machine perfectly. I had to also take into consideration in my design and layout the position and size of the machine on display. This machine did take up a large percentage of the exhibition stand so it was important to avoid this area so that none of the important information in the design was obscured.

When designing for an exhibition stand we always take into account that there may be people or products standing in the way of the exhibition wall graphics.

To accompany this image on the back wall of the exhibition stand design, I wanted to mention the company's 50yr experience within the industry. I wanted this message not to overpower the main images so used contemporary typography in a light grey colour so to complement the background texture.

Another great image was of the bottles on a carousel. This was only available in a cropped portrait orientation, so was perfect to use as a corner graphic. This design was created to entice passing exhibition visitors on to their stand.  

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Posted by Design Studio on March 8th 2018

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