Concept Design Case Study for Axe Valley Academy


See what our in-house Design Studio came up with when tasked with creating a brand concept for the food hall at Axe Valley Academy... in just 3 hours!


As told by our lead designer Leigh Jackson;

"Second day back after the Christmas break and the Studio is off to a flying start.

The Studio is a design agency with over 16yrs experience and it is always a great opportunity when a branding job is requested. 

This was somewhat different, in that the install date was fixed and the design and concept application had to be completed in one day in order for it to be installed on time. 

At Axe Valley Academy they are going to serve "Love Joes" a brand with a very strong identity and delicious food range. Initially the brief was to use the "Love Joes" branding and create more of an eating experience for the students. Having thought through the project, it was decided to not have any "Love Joes" branding so that if another caterer was to become involved the whole concept does not have to change.

As we wanted to create more of an experience and create a destination for the students at lunch time, we came up with a concept name and branding. The design was to still be in keeping with the food offering, but also from a design point of view we had to use complementary colours. The decor and furniture would also need to be taken into consideration when designing. I provided colour references for paint for the walls and also used orange as an additional colour within the brand to compliment the use of orange furniture within the restaurant.

As the food imagery from the caterer was very high end I wanted to display the brand in a way that represented and complemented the caterer. For this I photoshopped a dark grey slate image to be used as a background. This then allowed the brand and the brand characters to stand out and complement the Point of Sale posters that the catering brand had already provided.

To present my ideas and with just a small time frame I thought it was beneficial to create a rough visual of the unit with my ideas photoshopped on to the photograph. Once the client saw this they understood my concept and rational and approved immediately.

This is a design hot off the press due to be printed in the next few hours. So from 9am this morning when we started designing until sign off at lunch time. From start to finish with a briefing Wednesday later afternoon to then designing Thursday morning. Within 3 hours we have managed to create a uniquely designed brand concept that is ready to print.

Please watch this space for final images and videos of the installation next week."

Posted by Design Studio on January 5th 2018

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