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ACM Displays, Printed Wallpaper and Window Graphics for Air Control Industries

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Air Control Industries have been designing and manufacturing air movement products for global markets for over 40 years.  Their engineering experience in air delivery systems includes stand-alone fans and blowers; air knife systems; bottle and can drying systems;  cable and wire drying equipment; and personnel de-dusting units. Providing the very highest quality product and customer service has always been of prime importance and a key factor maintaining ACI’s position at the forefront of fan technology.

ACI enlisted Creative Solutions to help make their headquarters in Devon a more exciting and attractive building for members of staff and visitors. Working with our head designer Leigh, ACI provided a detailed brief on what they were trying to achieve with printed wallpaper, window displays and stunning imagery. The challenge was to make the workplace inspiring and visually stimulating with company imagery and logos. 

After several site visits and consultation with ACI, Leigh provided a range of proposed designs throughout the various sectors of the building. In the manufacturing area, large format wall displays were used with motivational imagery featuring fantastic pictures of the staff at work and various products in action. 

In the office area, colour-rich pictures of inspiring moments were printed on to ACM (aluminium composite material) panels and placed throughout the area. A standard meeting room was transformed in to a branded, professional area as Leigh merged the ACI logo with sketches of various designs and plans the company had over time, creating a superb wall display for corporate meetings and briefs to take place. 

Creative Solutions also provided branded window graphics, providing a seamless transition between divided rooms with a unified company appearance. 

The end result has created an exciting workplace that strongly conveys the ACI brand throughout various sectors of the building, creating a unified appearance for all staff and visitors. The graphics were installed by our dedicated production and installation team. Check out the timelapse below of Jacob and Matt installing custom printed wallpaper in the stairwell. 

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Posted by Rob on February 22nd 2016

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