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With children returning to school and the Coronavirus social distancing measures still in place, we have created a range of products to help prepare schools for a safe return and the 'new normal'.

All Your Needs Covered

Signage, Directions, Screening and Sanitisation

We have a variety of solutions to assist you in communicating social distancing, encouraging cleanliness and protecting the students and staff from one another during this pandemic. 

Adjusting to new rules is not easy, especially for children, so to help everyone understand what's required of them bright signage will be your best assistant. 

Our products around your school can:

  • Make your schools safer for returning students and staff
  • Help students walk around the school at 2 meters apart in the right direction
  • Space out queues for canteens and entrances 
  • Set spots 2 meters apart that they can sit on
  • Draw attention back to social distancing with bright colours
  • Protect students with screens when 2 meters is not feasible
  • Allow students to sanitise where sinks are not nearby
  • Remind students to sanitse just before eating 

Our protective screens and prevention systems can add safer conditions for classrooms that do not allow sufficient distancing. Hand sanitising stations can help encourage children to keep clean.

We have produced an anti-slip range of floor stickers to suit all school needs for social distancing. We have pre-designed options if you're not feeling creative. Perfectly suited for indoor or outdoor use, our durable anti-slip floor graphic stickers are suitable for most types of hard floor and short pile carpets, such as wooden floors, carpet, tiles, and concrete.

The floor stickers are an affordable way of visually explaining social distancing measures to your staff and students. Visual guides will be key to helping smaller children understand what is expected of them as we all navigate this tricky situation.

Our additional signage options around door handles, directional junctures, and high traffic areas and help students and staff negotiate around the school safely. 

Social Distance Signage Range

Sanitisation Range

Where to use our products:


Perfectly suited for:

  • Primary Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universties
  • Adult Education

Where to use the floor stickers?

  • Receptions and Entrances
  • Corridors and hallways
  • Queuing Systems
  • One way directional
  • Classroom entrances
  • Doorways

Why Use These Products in School?

Implementing the right safety measures is going to prove difficult in the workplace, and even more difficult in schools where younger people may not appreciate how important these measures are. Reopening schools with these additional materials around will help to remind staff and students of the new normal, to remain 2 meters apart and to regularly wash or sanitise their hands. 

The range of safety measures for workplaces like the supermarket include large screens to protect till workers who we have to interact fairly closely with. Adding screens to your classrooms can help to protect students from one another whilst sat at their desks, which they will be at for extended periods of time, from any coughing or sneezing. Using additional measures on top of keeping distance where possible will help keep your staff and students from spreading the virus around the school, according to the government guidelines. 

If there are any other printed items which may assist you in your challenge to keep COVID-19 from spreading around your school then please get in touch, we can make specific products for you based on your schools needs. 

Not sure what you need to order?

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We can work out how many stickers you need if you know the dimensions of the space.

We can suggest the best colours for the age of kids you're dealing with.
We can adapt designs to best reflect the needs of your school. 

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