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What do I do with a Shell Scheme for an Exhibition?

What makes a great exhibition stand that works for your business? Of course, dynamic shell scheme graphics are important. But let’s start by getting to grips with the basic structure of a shell scheme stand.

What do we mean by a shell scheme?

A shell scheme is the most common type of exhibition stand. It is put together using vertical and horizontal aluminium poles. Each manufacturer builds to their own specifications so shell schemes can come in all shapes and sizes, but panels bought for one display will often fit another. If you intend to hire a stand or booth at a trade exhibition, always ask for exact measurements of each exhibition wall panel in advance. There’s no point turning up with an armful of display materials that are not compatible with the space on offer.

What sort of wall panels do I need?

Infill Exhibition Wall Panels

Infill panels are graphic display panels which can be supplied in a range of materials. They often come in one-metre widths to fit most standard box-like frameworks but may need to be custom made. Most commonly they are printed onto a high-quality rollable substrate or onto rigid Foamex PVC. They can be attached using hooks, loops or clips designed to secure them flush to the poles and giving a professional branded finish. 

Seamless Exhibition Wall Panels

Some exhibitors like the modular look which enables them to mix and match a range of static and rollable panels across their shell scheme. Others prefer to go for a more seamless look. For instance, specialised shell clips enable an exhibitor to attach printed rollable graphics seamlessly to create a single stunning graphic backdrop. 

Planning and installing an eye-catching exhibition stand is easy using a flexible shell scheme and the input of an experienced professional exhibition supply company. Shell schemes look spectacular whether you choose completely rigid seamless panels that run over the poles or graphic panels that clip between them. They can be designed straight or curved and inventive use of styled pop-up and linkable banner stands can be incorporated to create L-shapes and other more unique presentations.

Posted by Jedd on March 8th 2019

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