Product Spotlight: The Quill Flag

This blog feature is all about the Quill Flag. “The what?” I hear you say - The Quill Flag. This product from Creative Solutions may appear to have a strange name, but if you read more about what it is, the name actually suits it very well.

So essentially it’s a flag, but it has a unique design, in the shape of an old-fashioned quill pen – its pole creating the effect of the shaft of the feather, and the tear-drop shaped flag being the feather itself. The pole, with the flag at the top, is securely fixed into a base, and these products, despite their simplicity in design, really make an impact, standing out and drawing attention, and hopefully attracting your next customer!

There is a choice of bases available for the Quill Flag - a Cross Base Foot, a Weighting Ring, a Ground Stake, or a Drive-on Foot option. This means they are very adaptable and can be used on any surface. Whether the surface is inside or outside, that’s not a problem either, as the flag is fine in the wet, so ideal for indoor or outdoor displays and events.

The Quill Flag is very versatile, and ideal if you want to be able to use it at a number of events and locations, as it’s very lightweight – only 3.8kg, and comes with a handy canvas carry bag in which it can all be easily transported.

The quality printed graphic panel - the flag (sized at 3550mm x 1000mm) - is also supplied as standard, as is the pole. The flag graphics are the perfect place for your company logo and strapline, or for specific promotional campaign messages. Creative Solutions’ in-house designers can create a graphic for your Quill Flag that will stop passers-by in their tracks! For added peace of mind, the Quill Flag stand comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

For more information or to buy online see the Quill Flag product page.

Posted on October 14th 2014

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