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Office signage for Prodigy IT Solutions


Founded by Aden Ottewill in 2003, Prodigy IT Solutions began trading as a provider of professional IT support for domestic and small businesses across Dorset and Somerset. 

As their status in the industry grew, a large portion of their clients realized that Prodigy could deliver much more than just IT expertise. They could also help offer solutions for direct business objectives. By utilizing their comprehensive knowledge of technology, they could address the numerous practical challenges a successful company might encounter.

Prodigy’s strength centres on the premise of providing excellent customer service and a passion for continually enhancing their client’s IT and business experience.


Creative Solutions have an excellent working relationship with Prodigy and they have used us for a number of different graphic design projects in the last few months. Earlier in the year, we provided some high-quality vehicle graphics for their Volkswagen Caddycompany van. They are also our go-to for business IT support. It’s a perfect symbiotic partnership!

We were delighted, then, to be asked to help with a comprehensive rebrand of the Prodigy offices in Blandford, Dorset—supplying a variety of different signage products and design features.

With such an extensive range, with a whole host of graphic design options perfectly suited for commercial workspaces, Creative Solutions are fully-equipped to offer complete makeovers for office environments. 

Acrylic signs, wallpapers, high-definition prints, branded window vinyls; there’s nothing we cannot cater for in this sector.


Our studio created each design from the Prodigy’s brand guidelines and proofs of signage. Some designs were superimposed onto photographs and supplied to the client for them to approve before the production team could begin work.

For the four office windows within the building, we created frosted vinyl safety strips. Two strips were created for each office, running at a regulation distance of 850 to 1000mm and 1400 to 1600mm above the floor. The design of the strips used Prodigy’s ‘power button’ motif to harmonize with company branding.

The silver etch frost effect vinyl, displaying a small Prodigy logo, was also created for the meeting room window. The vinyl was applied to the reception side of glass.  

We also supplied two Prodigy IT stand-off lettering acrylic logos. One would be applied to the reception desk in cut vinyl, while another would be installed on the foyer wall. Acrylic lettering, mounted with 16mm stand-off snapfix locators, is a stunning modern signage option and perfectly reflects the company’s contemporary, dynamic aesthetic. 

On the reception wall, we installed full-colour printed wallpaper; cut to the exact size and finished with a matte laminate. The wallpaper, in stunning high-definition, displays a  colourful annotated company timeline. With printed wallpaper, Creative Solutions can transform any office space with the high-definition image, photograph or graphic of your choice—we can literally print anything directly onto premium-quality wallpaper and enhance your workspace. 

This timeline is a great example of a company taking full advantage of the versatility of the product.

Finally, the Creative team installed laminated one-way vision, ContraVision, to main the office windows; printed in full colour with the Prodigy logo and finished with a high gloss laminate. A super product for creating a stylish aesthetic while maintaining privacy of the working environment.

All in all, a successful, comprehensive makeover of the Prodigy IT Solutions office. 

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Posted on November 6th 2020

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