Frameless Whiteboard Wall Write-On

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Frameless Whiteboard Wall Write-On

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    Key Features

    You can now turn any sized wall in to a whiteboard display with these frameless whiteboard. They simply join together seamlessly to allow a custom sized whiteboard display. The Write-On Whiteboard Wall allows you to create a continuous whiteboard wall exactly how you want it. The durable ABS edged whiteboards mount flush to the wall and each other, with simple through the board fixing. The frameless boards create a sleek, modern look. Browse the images on the left for our suggestions on how to cover specific wall dimensions. 

    We have 6 standard sizes to choose from.

    • Fill any wall space by joining the whiteboards together
    • Create a continuous whiteboard wall
    • White cover caps mask the fixings
    • 6 standard sizes to choose from
    • Smart frameless design
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