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PVC Banners

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    Key Features

    Our printed PVC banners are printed using the highest quality ink for vivid full-colour reproduction. Printed on tough banner material, all of our banners are printed at a consistently high-quality. Our in-house design service is also available should you require any assistance in creating your banner! We are a well-established banner maker you can rely on for high quality and fast delivery.

    • Huge range of sizes, including custom sizes.
    • Printed on either 440gsm, 550gsm heavy-duty, mesh or eco-friendly banner vinyl.
    • Outstanding colour reproduction.
    • Quantity discounts available.
    • Quick turn around with fast delivery. 

    Product Description

    Our vinyl banners are suitable for a huge range of activities including trade shows, schools, birthdays, sports events, and exhibitions. Creative Solutions have 20 years experience in the banner making industry and have been widely regarded as an industry-leading vinyl banner maker since 1999. With all of our PVC banners being printed in-house on our large format printers, we have complete control over our turnaround time and quality of printed banner leaving our premises. Whether your banner is printed on heavy-duty banner vinyl, mesh or eco-friendly banner vinyl, rest assured that your banner will survive the worst British weather has to offer. Banners can be hemmed with eyelets allowing you to hang your banner from fences, railings, the side of a building or anywhere else you may think of. Alternatively, banners can be made with pole sleeves to create a stationary display or partition. 

    Banner Materials

    440gsm Banner Vinyl

    This is our mid-weight banner vinyl which is perfectly suited for outdoor use. It is waterproof and weather resistant, with superb ink quality reproduction. It's a PVC coated frontlit banner material that is printable on 1 side by digital printing. Custom outdoor banners are the ideal marketing and point of sale tools.

    550gsm Banner Vinyl

    Our highest quality printed banner vinyl, 550gsm banner vinyl is mechanically strong and is made to withstand the worst that the British weather can throw at it. It has excellent colour rendering and is a perfectly smooth fabric.

    Eco-Friendly Banner Vinyl

    Our eco-friendly banner vinyl is made from the evergreen fabrics range, it's flame retardant and a natural-looking fabric that's lightweight, non-reflective and no-curl. It's ideal for interior use such as wall covering, window displays, point of sale displays and for exhibition stands and tradeshow booths.

    Mesh PVC Banner Vinyl

    Our non-tear mesh PVC banner vinyl allows for excellent resistance, functioning perfectly in windy conditions due to the holes in the material. With a 300gsm thickness, the mesh banner vinyl is commonly used for exhibitions, indoor and outdoor events, and signage. The holes allow for great long-distance viewing, and it has excellent durability.


    Banner Size Artwork Size (Inc 20mm Bleed)      Weight
    1830 x 610mm (6' x 2') 1870 x 690mm 0.8 kg
    2440 x 610mm (8' x 2') 2480 x 690mm 1.05 kg
    3050 x 610mm (10' x 2') 3090 x 690mm 1.25 kg
    3650 x 610mm (12' x 2') 3690 x 690mm 1.5 kg
    4870 x 610mm (16' x 2') 4910 x 690mm 2 kg
    6090 x 1000mm (20' x 3'3")      6130 x 1040mm 3.6 kg
    1830 x 1524mm (6' x 5') 1870 x 1564mm 1.7 kg
    2440 x 1524mm (8' x 5') 2480 x 1564mm 2.25 kg
    3050 x 1524mm (10' x 5') 3090 x 1564mm 2.8 kg
    6090 x 1524mm (20' x 5') 6130 x 1564mm 5.5 kg
    2000 x 5000mm (6'7" x 16'5")      2040 x 5040mm 6.7 kg
    3000 x 5000mm (9'10" x 16'5")     3040 x 5040mm 10 kg
    4000 x 5000mm (13'1" x 16'5") 4040 x 5040mm 13.5 kg
    2000 x 10000mm (6'7" x 32'10")  2040 x 10040mm 13.5 kg
    3000 x 10000mm (9'10" x 32'10")      3040 x 10040mm 20.2 kg
    4000 x 10000mm (13'1" x 32'10") 4040 x 10040mm 30 kg
    2000 x 15000mm (6'7" x 49'6")  2040 x 15040mm 20.2 kg
    3000 x 15000mm (9'10" x 49'6")  3040 x 15040mm 30.3 kg
    4000 x 15000mm (13'1" x 49'6")  4040 x 15040mm 40.4 kg

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