Formulate Wave Fabric Banner Stand

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Formulate Wave Fabric Banner Stand

The Formulate Wave Fabric Banner Stand is a tensioned fabric banner display. Standing at over 2m tall, it's perfectly suited for all kinds of display situations where you need your message to stand out. Self-sanitising anti-viral textile fabric printed graphic option available.
Price each
  • Self-Sanitising Graphic option available
  • Quick and simple to assemble
  • Double-sided print
  • Easy care washable graphic
  • Sleek, imposing curl design
  • 5 year guarantee on framework

The Formulate Wave Fabric Banner Stand is a tensioned fabric banner display. Standing at over 2m tall, it's perfectly suited for all kinds of display situations where you need your message to stand out. The sleek, flowing curved design is supported by a 32mm tubular aluminium frame which is extremely lightweight and easy to set up, particularly useful for retail displays, point of sale displays and exhibition stands.

The double-sided dye-sub 100% Polyester stretch textile printed graphics are standard with a self-sanitising anti-viral print option available. This printed graphic forms a fabric 'sock', which just slides effortlessly over the aluminium frame to form a taut graphic display. Transport is made easy thanks to the flat-pack nature of the banner stand, with a padded carry bag included to easily transport it around. The Formulate Wave Fabric Banner Stand comes with a 5-year hardware guarantee.

The Formulate range offers a strong, yet lightweight, tubular aluminium structure which is then dressed in tension fabric. The stretched fabric creates an elegant, engaging form suitable for retail display and exhibition graphics. There are a wide range of shapes and sizes available in this printed fabric display range.

Attaching the graphics is simple! Each graphic slides effortlessly over the framework and then zips closed. Each of the connecting frame sections is labelled with numbers, meaning the Formulate is incredibly easy to assemble compared to other exhibition products. 

The kit also packs away into a small carry bag, making it the perfect solution for storage and transportation.

Our industry has been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and we have seen the exhibition industry and all kinds of businesses suffer. The self-sanitising anti-viral stretch textile with the HeiQ Viroblock® technology is a game-changer as it opens the door to fabric displays across retail, exhibition, conference, and events. The inherent self-sanitising properties mean that the graphic remains germ and microbe-resistant without the need to wipe clean.

  • Textiles provide an ideal surface for harboring viruses and bacteria.
  • Viruses and bacteria are re-transmitted from the textile (eg. contact with other surfaces).
  • Textiles treated with HeiQ Viroblock® actively inhibit viruses and kill bacteria upon contact on the surface.
  • By keeping the textile free of viable viruses and bacteria, HeiQ Viroblock® treated textiles help to minimise the potential for re-transmission of pathogens from textiles.

Stringent tests have been carried out on the self-sanitising stretch fabric to ensure the treated textile with the HeiQ Viroblock® technology has a strong antimicrobial efficacy demonstrated by ISO 20743 and ISO18184. The technology is EU REACH compliant and certified as safe, as all its ingredients are cosmetic grade, bio-based (72% bio-based carbon) and recycled. The treated textile can be cleaned if graphics become dirty by gently washing at 60°C for up to 30 washes, without effecting the antimicrobial properties. The product is treated with a biocide to protect it from spoilage. The active ingredient is silver chloride.

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Actual Size (w x h x d)

Assembled Height

Boxed Size (w x h x d)

Formulate Wave 900 x 2380 x 608mm 2210mm 170 x 920 x 220mm 6 kg

Please contact us for information on alternative print, size, and shape options.

How we can help your business

Artwork and Design

Your Formulate Wave Fabric Banner Stand artwork should be sent to us in PDF format if possible using our downloadable artwork template. We are able to design your artwork for you or assist in laying up your artwork for print. 

For further information, please read our Artwork Preparation guide or call our artwork studio on 01297 630134

Need help with your Formulate Wave Fabric Banner Stand design?

Why not use our in-house design team to help you make the most out of your Formulate Wave Fabric Banner Stand.

Our designers will work with you to create a professional design to your exact specifications. You can be as involved in the design process as you want to be, either working side by side with our designers or giving them your design brief.

Unlike some other companies, we want to offer value for money, so we ensure that you are only charged for the actual time taken to create your design (minimum 15-minute intervals). Formatting a quick layout may be free of charge where all logos and text are readily supplied.

How It Works

Use our video guide to see how easy it is to set up the Formulate Wave Banner Stand. You can also download our PDF user instructions and self-sanitising textile fabric fire-certificate below. For any support needs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Self-Sanitising Anti-Viral Stretch Textile

The self-sanitising stretch fabric that provides a confidence boost to the events and exhibition industry.

The HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 technology has been tested to be 99.99% effective within 30 minutes against SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 causing virus and is designed to inhibit the growth and persistence of bacteria enveloped viruses on textile surfaces. It's antiviral and antibacterial properties are due to the combination of silver and vesicle technologies designed to significantly reduce viral bacterial infectivity on treated surfaces

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