Bunting for short term and long term events. Standard stock colours and designs as well as full colour printed options. Made in-house in Devon.

Our Bunting Range will suit all requirements internal, external, stock colours, designs and custom printed.

Bunting is the quintessential British form of celebration, at creative solutions we want to match your celebration with a product that you are happy with.

There are many types of bunting to suit your needs from one off, short term, internal events, to summer long events when the bunting needs to put up with all the wonderful British summer can throw at it.

Our normal pennant size is 200 x 300mm triangular consisting of 24 pennants along a 10 metre length, as the bunting is made in-house, we can change the lengths of the bunting and pennant distribution to your specific requirements, just let us know what you need.

See below for a large range of bunting choices, prices vary on the style and type of bunting. 

Paper Bunting - We can supply this but you may be better off making this yourself!

Polyester / Polythene bunting - This is our standard offering, available single or double sided. Poly bunting can be printed with custom designs, or we can supply standard prints such as the St. Georges Cross or Union Jacks. We recommend this for shorter term or internal events.

PVC bunting - This is our strongest bunting, thick, hardwearing and with excellent solid colours. Our standard range is Red, White and Blue, but we can add from a range of stock colours to make your bunting match your event branding or company colours at no extra charge. If you need something that is more tailored to your event, we can full colour print the PVC either double or single sided.

Knitted polyester - Always custom printed, this bunting is dye sublimation printed, and then cut with a heat knife to seal the edges. We can sew the edges for a longer lifespan. The material gives a mirror show through which gives the impression of being double sided, and allows logos etc. to be red from both sides. 

There are different grades depending on the conditions, and length of time the bunting will be exposed to. We offer reinforced types as well as standard paper types for time such as birthday parties.

We currently have too large a range to put on our site, we are working on this and hopefully will have all the bunting here as soon as possible.

If you would like a quote on bunting fro your event, please click the 'Request a Quote' button in the bottom right corner or alternatively call our sales team on 01297 630130 who will be happy to supply you with a price.

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