Barracuda Pull-Up Roller Banner Stand

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Barracuda Pull-Up Roller Banner Stand

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The Barracuda is our top of the range banner stand and is widely recognised in exhibition and display circles as the best roller stand available. With a lifetime guarantee, the Barracuda will give you reliability, style and peace of mind at exhibitions and events for years to come. With replacement graphics also available, the Barracuda banner stand has been manufactured to ensure stability and longevity. 

  • Industry leading roller banner stand.
  • High quality, stylish and sturdy base.
  • Twist and lock telescopic pole allows custom height up to 2210mm.
  • Ratchet tensioner and secure slide in graphic system.
  • Comes with a padded carry case and lifetime guarantee.  
  • Production turnaround of 4-5 working days. 

Product Description

The Barracuda banner stand is manufactured from high-quality aluminium and comes with a stylish silver anodised finish; complementing and protecting your printed graphic. The base is weighted to ensure stability at high traffic exhibitions and the internal roller mechanism lives up to the Barracuda's lifetime guarantee. 

The banner stand comes with a tensioning ratchet that can be located under the two charcoal grey base caps. This tensioning ratchet can be used to manually restore the roller tension, should the graphic lose tension over time. The Barracuda's oval, twist-and-lock telescopic pole clips neatly under the base, ensuring effective storage and protection when placed inside its high-quality padded carry case. 

We recommend the Barracuda banner stand for people who want to portray a high-class image for their company and who require a banner stand that survives the tests of time. Whilst available in a wide range of sizes, the Barracuda is also perfect for smaller exhibition and reception areas. Due to the high-quality of the Barracuda, we have clients who send this banner stand back to us regularly ( 2 – 3 times a year) to fit replacement graphics, saving them money on supplying a whole new stand.



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800mm 800 x 2130mm 855 x 2210 x 195mm 855 x 80 x 195mm Anti-curl grey-backed roll-up film (420gsm)       4.8 kg
1000mm 1000 x 2130mm 1055 x 2210 x 195mm 1055 x 80 x 195mm Anti-curl grey-backed roll-up film (420gsm)       5.5 kg
1200mm 1200 x 2130mm 1255 x 2210 x 195mm 1255 x 80 x 195mm Anti-curl grey-backed roll-up film (420gsm)         6.8 kg
1500mm 1500 x 2130mm 1555 x 2210 x 195mm 1555 x 80 x 195mm Anti-curl grey-backed roll-up film (420gsm)         8 kg
2000mm 2000 x 2130mm 2055 x 2210 x 195mm 2055 x 80 x 195mm Banner Vinyl (350gsm) 10.5kg
2400mm         2400 x 2130mm         2455 x 2210 x 195mm         2455 x 80 x 195mm           Banner Vinyl (350gsm) 12.1 kg

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