Banner Stand TV Monitor Display


Banner Stand TV Monitor Display

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Key Features

A New feature for 2016 is the ability to add a TV, monitor, or LCD display option into the graphic on our premium range of banner stands. The TV display will draw far more attention to your banner stand. You can mount either a computer monitor, digital signage or television onto the VESA bracket that is supplied.

This uses our excellent Linear modular display system and attachments, which now fit onto redesigned bases from the premium range of stands. Banner Stands that this product fits on are the Imagine Plus, Barracuda, Excaliber 2, Original Plus and the Orient banner stand.

Please note this is hardware only, and does not include the graphics with print. The TV monitor addition is compatible with the banner stands listed above.

  • Perfect for digital signage incorporated into your banner stand
  • VESA TV Mount Supplied
  • Available on Premium Banner Stand Range
  • Enhance your current banner stand display, draw more attention with moving display
  • Easy to assemble with supplied Allen Key
  • Further Optional Extras available for your banner stand

In Detail

The Linear functionality of the LCD Monitor display option for the banner stand makes this very easy for anybody to assemble.

The linear pole attaches securely into the banner stand bases newly designed in 2016 to accept the linear products with Allen key fixings. The linear clamps fit very securely into the banner stand.

This secure fitting allows the VESA mounting bracket to take weights up to 5kg. We would strongly recommend that you test the screen or monitor that you are going to use to display or discuss with Creative Solutions first before just buying a trying. 

We recommend that you fix the Monitor to the banner stand at around 1000mm - 1200mm high, this makes it thigh enough to draw attention and not too far off eye height for most people and children, obviously this depends on the audience that you are advertising to..

We have other linear banner stand accessories that can be purchase along with the literature display to add an extra dimension to your exhibition display.

The addition of a monitor to one of our premium banner stands really does now add an extra dimension to humble banner stand. There have been many banner stands that have offered this feature in the past but none that offer the monitor display at such a competitive price.


Banner Stand TV / Monitor / LCD Bracket

TV Bracket Display Size :  100mm x 100mm standard VESA Mount
Constructed Dimensions : 1500 mm x 800mm x 150mm
Boxed Dimensions : 1600mm x 500mm x 150mm
Weight : 8
Model : Banner Stand TV / Monitor / LCD Display Bracket
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