Touch Screen Displays

Clevertouch Interactive Dual and Multi Touch Displays from 42" - 82"

Our digital touch screen displays incoporate the latest touchscreen technologywhich is integrated into the touch-screen enabaling it to be dual or multi touch. 

Our touchscreen range includes gesture control and allows multiple users. High Definition LED displays give crystal clear resolution and high brightness meaning images are clearly visible with no shadowing. Please see our range of LED touch screens below. If you need further advice please call our sales team on 01297 630 130 who will be happy to assist you.

Why our Clevertouch Touch Screen Displays?

The Clevertouch range of digital touch-screens that we supply are all backed with on-site de-install and re-install in the first 3 years of you having our digital product.. Below we have given reasons to why you can trust the digital display that Creative Solutions will supply you with. This is also backed with our reputed customer service that will deal quickly and efficiently with any questions that you have.

Clevertouch Touchscreen Durability

All our Clevertouch screens are made with toughened glass and are built to last if the screen may receive an accidental impact.

Our screens have a strong bezel, this is that rim that surrounds the screen and ensure that your digital touch screen stays in place to offer maximum functionality at all times.

Our range of LED touch screens are built for 24/7 usage. All the screens are commercial grade and have lifespans of 50,000 hours and are guaranteed for 3 years.

Optional Built In PC

We can make your touchscreen purchase even more independent by incorporating a built-in PC. This means that you can use your digital touchscreen with no connecting cables or software installation required.

Our range of Clevertouch PCs have the latest Intel i3 or i5 processors depending on the screen that you purchase. All the latest hardware will make certain that your digital devices work seamlessly and can be moved from room to room with no need to reconnect.

Please see the touchscreen products that will contain further information on the PC that can be provided with all touchscreen software preinstalled.

Clevertouch Multi Touch Screens

Depending on the Clever touch screen that is purchased there are different multi touch functions. This allows single or multiple users to control the Clevertouch screen with simultaneous touch and movement. We describe the different multi-touch features below.

Dual Touch

As the name suggests this allows users a maximum of two simultaneous touch interactions on the Clevertouch screen. This is enough for most uses of the interactive display.

6-Point Touch

This is the new technology released with our latest Clevertouch screen. This allows multiple users to use the product at the same time, with 6 points of contact available users can have people annotating the screen from all areas. Particularly useful in classroom situations.


Clevertouch High Definition Display

All our touch screens come with full HD display. At 1080p resolution the touch display will give you perfect quality images from all angles. This allows the screen to give excellent brightness.

1080p is the acronym for a set of HDTV video modes which are characterised by 1,080 lines of vertical resolution.

Clevertouch 'Plug and Play' Functionality

Our Clevertouch screens don't require any specific IT knowledge to install. These can be plugged in via the desired cable and will run instantly on your WIndows 7 or Windows 8 computer.

If you do have any difficulties we will be happy to help over the telephone or can supply a fully trained person to come onsite and help you.

No Shadow on your Screen

Unlike interactive whiteboards or projector solutions, there will be no chance of a shadow on your display. All touch screens are LED displays and will produce much better quality images along with greater viewing angles.

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