T3 Fabframe Modular Display System

The Fabframe is the original, fast, easy to build, fabric modular exhibition display system 

The Fabframe offers an alternative to PVC graphics. The T3 Fabframe has been specifically designed to take advantage of the improvement in fabric printing technology. These advancements have led to greatly improved graphic quality.

The T3 Fabframe is strong, and as with all T3 systems, totally reconfigurable. Panels can be easily fitted by hand, no tools needed! The T3 as always offers unrivalled flexibility and build speed.

If you are interested in a Fabframe T3 stand, please use the contact form below and we will be able to give an individual quote and discuss your requirements further. 

T3 Fabframe - Fabric Printing or PVC Printing?

T3 Fabframes are becoming more popular with exhibitors at trade shows, this is down to a few factors that we will try and tell you below. It seems that the trend is that fabric is becoming more popular due to the speed of build and ease to transport. WE still feel that the image quality is still not quite there in regards to fabric printing, but we feel other benefits may outweigh this requirement and our purpose at creative Solutions is to provide our customers with all the options that are currently available to give you the best possible exhibition or display solutions. 

Benefits of T3 Fabframe

The need to stand out from the crowd in this day and age is greater than ever. The T3 Fabframe allows you to use dramatic shapes and extreme flexibility in unison to fit any display area. The T3 Fabframe also allows exhibition display stands of up to 6 metres to be created. Thinking exhibitors are using fabric tension displays to create lightweight, high impact towers, hanging signs, conference areas, back wall displays and light boxes. Fabric displays allow for backlighting of stands or display products more efficiently.

Fabric Benefits

The improvement in the fabric print quality is not the only benefit of fabric. They are now more durable and cheaper to produce but also are fire rated to meet your exhibitions or trade shows requirements. 

The new Fabrame is specifically designed to work with large fabric panels.

Don't be put off - Use both!

Again due to the massive flexibility of the T3, there is no reason why you cannot use fabric displays to create your backlit panels and also use PVC graphics. This way you can get the benefits of both graphic types. 

  • No Tools Required - with the T3 Fabframe being self build friendly, the stand can be hand built in a matter of minutes when creating simple structures 
  • Save on transport Costs - The fabric panels allow this stand to be very compact and lightweight, breaking down into small volumes. a light box straight stand will fit in two cases and weigh less than 25Kg.
  • Load Bearing - Supports a wide range of accessories, such as shelves an 42" TV's comfortably. Structural changes can be easily made to support extra weight.
  • Re-configurable - single stand can be used for a number of events and built to fit each one. extra component parts can be purchased individually
  • Large Structures - Fabframe allows structures up to 6 metres hight to be built, curved or straight or both!
  • Save on Labour Costs - out sourced contractors are a thing of the past, if you dill still want us to put this up, the time would be minimal!
  • Backlit Displays - Light boxes and illuminated signs or exhibition displays are easily achieved!
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