T3 Airframe Modular Exhibition Display Kits

Our new modular display system for PVC graphics - we have created basic kits for you!

We have put together a few kits that will fit in standard exhibition spaces. We have taken on board the usual requirements that our previous customers have asked for consistently.

Scroll down the page to view the kits we think will suit most of your needs at an affordable price. The T3 Airframe will give you a stunning looking stand that you can make and put up yourself!  Call us on 01297 630 130 if you need any help or advice.

REMEMBER - The beauty of the T3 is that it is full customisable! 

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T3 Airframe - Manufactured in the UK

Built to create a modular display exhibition stand to allow your dreams and ideas to become a bespoke exhibition reality. At Creative Solutions, we are here to help you reach your goals on time, budget and exceed your expectations.

The Perfect Modular Display System?

We believe at Creative Solutions, this is about as good as it gets in modular display systems. The sheer versatility of the T3 Airframe exceeds all previous exhibition stands for PVC graphics. 

The Airframe has unbeatable flexibility and stability, using a few very cleverly designed components. No longer does a specific part have its own place, the key components consist of an aluminium beam and a connector. There may be slight modifications to these (curves, angles etc.) but basically that is it! The connect beautifully together with a patented, simple Twist-and-Lock action - no tools needed!

Why Use the T3 Airframe?

One of the main T3 features is its ability to create the look and feel of a bespoke exhibition system without the cost! Transport and labour which are normally always big factors in exhibition builds are kept to a minimum compared with conventional methods. There are no stands in the modular display bracket that can compete with the short amount of time that it takes to set this stand up.  Below we have listed the main points that make the T3 currently unrivalled!

  • Quick and Easy to Work with - self-build friendly allowing simply designed structures to be built exceptionally quickly
  • Re-configurable - the stand you buy can be changed to suit different exhibition stands, indvidual component parts can be bought to add to existing stands
  • Endless Possibilities - not just for exhibitions, the T3 can be used to create displays in reception areas, shops, roadshows, award ceremonies, school foyers, university shows, backdrops or promotional areas.
  • Seamless Graphics - Smooth, beautifully aligned graphics that can be rollable panels or solid. Fixings can be magnetic or, for longer term uses, velcro.
  • Load Bearing and Extremely Stable - Heavy display items are easily supported, such as 42" plasma TV screens or projectors
  • Versatile - additional accessories available for the T3 are extensive. Doors, curves, locable storage, lighting, backlit displays, counters, shelving all use the same parts as the stand itself.
  • Cost Saving - Save on expensive transport costs and labour to erect the stand.
  • 'Exhibition Stand in  a Box' - You could class the T3 as this, a few, easily manageable cases and you have an exhibition stand to rival the bespoke builders - and you will make it quicker!
  • Guarantee - All T3 systems are covered by a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing default.
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