Poster Frames & Hangers

Give your poster the surrounding it deserves with our Poster Frames and Hangers!

We find that choosing your poster frames or poster seems to be a secondary choice when it should not be! Most people spend a great deal of time on the design and production of their posters, but considerably less on choosing the best way to display or present that poster. And in our experience nothing ruins a perfectly good poster as effectively as an ill judged poster frame. 

Awkward size required? We can manufacture custom sizes for most of our range -  Please call 01297 630 130 to discuss you special poster frame requirements.

See our major product areas below or click here to see a little more of an overview on poster hangers and poster frames.

Often an afterthought, poster frames and hangers complete the printed poster. We stock a range of poster frames, including wall mounted and free standing lightboxes, poster frames and poster holders. 

  • Full colour
  • Waterproof posters
  • Laminated
  • For display frames

Here are different ‘presentation’ options you can choose for your poster

Poster Frames

Snap Frames: These are the easiest to use frames. The corners are mitred, the frame snaps back, and you place your poster inside and snap shut.

These are designed to hold, A4, A3, A2, A1 or 20”X30” posters, and come with a 400 Mic UV grade anti-glare poster cover sheet to protect your poster.  
The range offers you choices of frame width, colour, finishes, profile shapes, square or curved edges.

Tamper Proof Poster Frames

Tamper proofframes are similar to Snap Frames but offer greater security because snapping open the frame requires a specifically designed tool to open (sold separately)

Lockable Frames

These are more heavy duty-frames than the tamperproof poster frames, which offer a locking system. There are clip frame options with a discreet lock opened by an allen key, and there are poster cases with hinged doors that open out and keys that offer maximum security.

Poster Rails and Poster Hangers

Poster Clamps are for ceiling mounting. The top and bottom of your poster are clipped on to rails. The top rail is used to hang the post from, and the bottom rail, weighs the poster down and keeps it from curling up. We offer a range of poster rails to choose from. Each has different aesthetic qualities. The rails accommodate posters up to 1200mm wide.

Freestanding Poster Holder

Freestanding Poster Holders are most commonly used in lobbies or reception areas, or in front of house of restaurants. Most simply described these are clip frames with 25mm frame and rounded corners, mounted on to a post with a weighted base. They are available in A4, A3 and portrait or landscape.

Poster Case Light boxes

The light box range spans from slim line wall mounted boxes that look like picture frames, and are as easy to use- changing posters could not be simpler, to the more heavy duty and impactful freestanding and ceiling lightboxes.

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