Lines & Grids Printed Magnetic Whiteboard

Let's Pick the Perfect Magnetic Lines & Grids Whiteboard

Available with a selection of ready-made spacing options, our magnetic whiteboards can be printed with lines, grids, or music staves, making them perfect for use at home or in schools.

What you need to know about our custom printed whiteboards

Full Colour Vinyl Print

Printed in stunning 900dpi photographic quality, you can upload any design for us to print onto high-quality, full colour vinyl.

Ideal for Office and Schools

Work with our sales and design team to create bespoke whiteboard solutions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Range of Framing Options

Depending on how much space you have available, you may opt to choose one of our low-profile frameless whiteboard options. 

Standard or Premium Finish

All of our custom printed boards come with a minimum 5-year guaranteed laminate, with a premium 7-year finish also available.

Lean Manufacturing Solutions

Installing custom designed formats can greatly support your company in measuring  specific performance based metrics.

Customisable Templates

Need something simple, yet specific? Our range includes a number of customisable pre-designed layouts that are ready for print. 


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Magnetic Framed Whiteboard with Lines or Grids

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  • Lined whiteboard with your spacing requirements
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Ideal! Great value for money and ultimately movable!
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Every order is delivered on time to the highest quality. Highly recommend Creative Solutions.
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How we can help your business

Magnetic Whiteboard with your grids, lines or music line printed on the surface

We offer a standard range of printed whiteboards that  we supply ready-made artwork for. These are printed lines and grids in various sizes.

Our standard sizes on the magnetic printed whiteboards are standard line gaps or grids of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm between the lines vertically (and horizontally with grids). Depending on the height of your whiteboard chosen, this will determine the number of lines or grids you have printed.

Please click here to see further information on the standard printed grids, lines and music line printed white boards or select from the links below.

Grid Line Printed Magnetic Whiteboard

Our grid line boards have lines running vertically and horizontally that divide the printed whiteboard up into squares. Usually used in maths classrooms this printed whiteboard can really help for students to write clearly on the whiteboard.  The thickness of the printed line on the board can be determined by you, but usually we have it set at around 0.5pt. This depends on how far away you wish the line to be seen from and on the overall size of the board. A printed whiteboard of 2400mm wide x 1200mm High would need a thicker printed line than that of a 600mm high x 900mm wide magnetic printed whiteboard.

The distance between printed grids on this whiteboard can be customised to a distance you want or as standard we print them at 25mm grid, 50mm grid and 75mm grid.

Printed Line Magnetic Whiteboards

Primarily used in class rooms where students are required to write on the whiteboard. The printed lines help keep all the writing straight and the varying widths between the linecan aid character size to ensure that students can easily see the printed board. Again the thickness of the printed line on the board can be determined by you, but usually we have it set at around 0.5pt. The distance between printed lines on this whiteboard can be customised to a distance you want or as standard we print them at 25mm gap, 50mm gap and 75mm gap.

Printed Music Line Magnetic Whiteboard

Our final standard line and grid printed board is the Music Line board. We again have a standard bar depth that is scaled to suit the size of board chosen and normally consists of 4 We also offer bespoke grids and lines.

This printed whiteboard can be customised to suit how you want the music lines to look. We can add bass / treble clefs if required  or any type of musical alteration is possible on our music line printed whiteboards.

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