Fabric & Laminate Plinths

Exhibition plinths and with choice of fabric and laminate wraps

We have a wide range of portable plinths with fabric and laminate wraps. 

Fabric Wrapped plinths can come in a variety of colours. This allows you to match closely with the colour scheme of the rest of your exhibition stand. Fabric can also have graphics applied with velcro to brand your counter.

The laminate plinth finish is smoother and available in different wood veneers, or black, white and silver veneer. This will match with modern exhibitions stands.

If you have any questions about plinths which are all fully customisable, please call 01297 630 130 to discuss your requirements with our sales team.

  • Robust range of circular plinths
  • Quick & easy to erect
  • Fabric or laminate wraps
  • Multitude of uses

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