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Affordable Digital Signage Solutions

At Creative Solutions we know that signage is advancing, Digital Signage is the signage of the future allowing your organisation  to communicate visually and with sound. Digital Signage is an electronic solution to allow digital communication with your audience. The digital signage can be used in the place of traditional signs and displays, or for more impact, alongside your current signage. 

Please see our current products below, we are adding to this all the time. If you have any specific requirements, please call us on 01297 630 130  as this range is not exhaustive.

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  • HD 1080p optimal resolution
  • Integreated speakers
  • 3 year on-site warranty
  • Full HD 1080p LED Display
  • Dual Touch Technology
  • Sleek, lightweight display

Digital Signage is the Future...

With technology becoming more and more commonplace in the signage world, digital signage is now an affordable solution to certain signage problems. Digital signage will allow you to grab the target markets attention with colour, sound and movement rather than traditional colour and imagery. 

Exhibitions are moving toward interaction with their audiences, making people play and 'touch' the products either on-screen or in reality. This is now being moved into the signage sector and the advances in digitally produced signage are getting more and more exciting.

DIgital Signage is becoming more and more popular in high street retail environments, schools and education facilities, reception areas and many other areas where moving, digital signage is required. Let us help you make the most of your advertising opportunities, please browse our digital signage range or call our sales team on 01297 630 130 to discuss how we can help you go digital for a price less than you expect!

Why Digital Signage?

Traditional signage will always have its place and can still make people stop and look. At Creative Solutions we think that digital signage is the perfect way to enhance any business or organisation. The major benefit that digital signage offers is its ability to change quickly and easily. There is no longer the static signage, information can be adapted seamlessly from one advert or call to action to another. You can even broadcast live streams from anywhere in the world. 

One of the major benefits of digital signage systems is the ability to show multiple animations at one site. This can be in the form of adverts or information to specific people. The digital signage is moving to an area that can actively recognise the persons appearance and build and then, interactively broadcast adverts for the perceived target market. This ability to actively change promotions is what will set digital signage apart and make it attractive to advertisers.

With more adverts being shown in one place, advertisers can expect a higher return on investment on a product, even though initial outlay may be higher than before.

3 Year Guarantees as Standard* on our Digital Signage

At Creative Solutions we believe in offering quality products at the right price, and we have carried this belief across into our digital signage. We have sourced digital signage products that offer exceptional quality and value.

On the majority of our digital signage range, we can offer a comprehensive 3 year on-site dei-install / re-install warranty.*

This means if you have any problems then it takes one call for an engineer to come to your premises and repair the screen onsite.

This guarantee is for real, when it comes to any signage we know that our customers require a product that can work in environments where they will be tested, this guarantee covers 24/7 usage for the 3 years on your digital signage.

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