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Creative Solutions can print and install digitally printed wallpaper with any printed image you want on it! This can transform your wall into a beautiful full-colour digital print. Perfect for the home, the office or for wider commercial use, we print stunning high-resolution images onto a range of different wallpapers. 



With just a few simple clicks, you can start the process and bring any wall to life. Wall murals are becoming increasingly popular in the home and at work, simply pick a wall, choose your image or design and let us do the rest. If you don't have your own image in mind, we recommend browsing high quality image banks such as Shutterstock to find your image.

If you need any help or have any questions about the process, don't hesitate to speak to our friendly team on 01297 630130 or email us at Please click here to see our Wallpaper Brochure



Having been in the digital print industry since it started to become popular over 15 years ago, the jump in quality of the self-adhesive vinyl have come on massively. Technology has allowed the vinyl to be able to adhere to virtually any surface and we have found that digitally printed wallpaper is becoming more and more popular. Creative Solution's have years of experience applying prints to the wall and other surfaces.

Our expert team has over 25 years of fitting printed wall graphics. We can still apply the old styles of artwork or graphics such as cut vinyl which are used for just text and numbers or simple, solid colour logos. We have a huge range of cut vinyl colours and can plot letters up to 1600mm wide on our state of the art Vinyl Cutter.

3 Simple Steps to Your Customised Wallpaper

Measure Your Wall

Measure the width and height of the wall you want to apply the wallpaper and keep a note of it. 

Choose Your Image

If you have your own image in mind, send us your artwork you would like to use via the form below, our artwork team will always check the quality before printing! Alternatively, we recommend browsing an image bank like Shutterstock to find one.

Order Online or Contact Us

You can then order your wallpaper directly online, or alternatively you can fill out a contact form with your requirements and we'll guide you through the process.


Printed wallpaper is becoming a very popular means off producing custom printed artwork to replace what would otherwise be a painted or standard wallpapered wall. We offer an affordable wall graphic solution that really gives the creative wow factor.

The application of printed graphic onto walls is not solely for use internally, there are printable vinyls that can now be applied to external walls of buildings to create amazing wall murals. Some vinyls will need specialist application (that Creative Solutions can provide) or can be installed by you.

The advancement recently in printable wallpapers provides a large and varied range of materials to choose from. There are now all kinds of different textures, over laminates and application techniques that can produce something special for a feature wall at home, or an impressive entry into an office environment.

We have a large standard selection of printed wallpapers that can be purchased online, will be printed by us, cut for application, and delivered to anywhere in the UK within 5 working days.


We print onto only the best quality material for custom printed wallpaper. The vinyl we use is guaranteed not to shrink. We always overlap each printed section by 20mm minimum to ensure  that a seamless finish is achieved. Our printers print at the highest is the print industry at 2880 dpi. They are printed on a Mimaki Latex machine which is instantly cured by heat so that the printed wallpaper can be laminated immediately to ensure that we can have your printed product delivered or installed within 48 hours (surcharges may be added for this 48-hour print service).

All prints can be laminated to your requirements, we will not actively sell unlaminated  wall prints as although the ink and medias are guaranteed UV lightfast, they are not protected against scuffs or marking. To ensure that your printed wallpaper lasts as long as possible we will laminate your custom prints in either Crystal or Matt laminate to ensure that the colours, quality and vividness of your designed wallpaper are there to last.


Don't think that these wallpapers can be applied only to internal walls. We are commonly producing printed murals for outdoor use. We have printed logos and graphics for skate parks, covered flooring with printed vinyl to appear like water and many other external wall applications.

There are obviously certain requirements to having your prints applied to walls outdoors and indoors, but with the huge range of printed media available there is usually a product that we can source to suit your print needs.

Our printed wall murals all come fully laminated to protect from marking a damage, we can supply anti-graffiti laminates that will allow your outdoor wall print to be cleaned if permanent markers or spray paints are used on the printed mural. The Anti-graffiti laminate is supplied in different grades depending on how resilient you need your printed graphic to be.


We have A4 samples of printed wallpaper at our office, which are ready to be sent out to you free of charge. We have all our standard ranges of wallpaper and vinyl with our distinctive image printed on to give you a good idea f what you can expect in the final product. If you do want a hard copy proof of what you are having printed on your wallpaper, we are more than happy to do this but there will be a £25+VAT charge for this service as we have to set up the printer especially for your small job. On some jobs, we may be able to waive this fee when the job goes ahead. The hard copy proof is necessary if you are trying to match specific Pantone colours, different print media will always have slightly different colour reproduction from one to another so it is crucial this is checked before a whole job is printed.


The proofing process is usually carried out digitally, this means that we will send you a low-resolution proof by email for you to check that all images are in the correct place and scaling is as you want it to be. THIS IS NOT FOR COLOUR CHECKING. Due to computer screens running as RGB, they will not have the same colour output as any printer as printer output images and colour in CMYK. This is why we will use CMYK values and Pantone references to ensure the closest match possible. If you do need to check specific colours then we will have to supply a hard copy proof. This service may be chargeable depending on a job as it is a process that has to be carried out in its own right.



The standard printed wallpaper has very similar finish to good quality, normal wallpaper and required the same application methods. The image is printed directly onto the viewable surface of the wallpaper that has been specially designed to take the ink from our printers.


There are a few variations using the same base as the standard wallpaper, these include additions of little pieces of sparkle. The media is made with areas that reflect light to give the wallpaper a shimmer / glinting effect. These are slightly more expensive but add a nice effect to murals that are lit with spotlights


The application is similar as it uses wallpaper paste which needs to be applied the graphic and then 'squeegeed' so that there are no lumps under the surface that show up. Wallpaper drops are applied, like usual, one by one. It is crucial that the first panel is straight so that there is no run out top or bottom to leave a blank piece of the wall! We do allow for this with extra bleed and alas print oversize, however, it can happen. To avoid this ensure you mark the walls with a level vertical pencil line where the edge will be and ensure you line it up. The most difficult aspect is getting the image to line fully all the way down. Some standard wallpapers have shapes that line up, with images especially there are endless little bits that need to match. We print the drops so that you have about 25mm of overlap each way onto the next panel. Leave 50mm of unpasted wall at the edge of the graphic.


Not sure if your image or design will work on printed wallpaper? You can upload the image you would like on your wall using the form below and a member of our team will get back to you for a completely free chat about your ideas.

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