3x4 Pop-Up Display Kits

3x4, very popular Pop-up Display Kit

The 3x4 is a very popular Pop-up display stand.

The 3x4 pop-up comfortable fits in most exhibition spaces that are common. It will fit in 4m x 1m floor spaces and 4m x 2m floor spaces comfortably. These are the most common exhibition space sizes with exhibitors.

Pop-up displays are not just for exhibitons, we sell many pop-up 3x4 stands to customers who want to advertise services in their reception areas or foyers. Woth the accesories available and the quality of the stand, pop-up displays can be used for much more than just exhibitions.

If you have any questions, please call our sales team on 01297 630 130 to discuss your exhibition or display project. 

  • Quick set up 
  • Self-locating magnetic arms
  • Includes 3x1 frame, graphics and Zeus transit case
  • Innovative 2x2m L Shape
  • Fits in to any corner
  • Maximise stand space
  • Comes with transit case

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