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Pop Up Display Stand Buyers Guide

What is a Pop Up Display Stand?

Pop Up Stand Collapsible Frame

Pop Up Display Stands are a form of exhibition stand commonly used as a large promotional display. They are an enduring favourite with exhibitors and marketers at exhibitions, as well as commonly being used in retail displays. 

The Pop Up Stand frame works via the connection of cross-bracing struts that allow a collapsed stand to shrink to around 17cm x 17cm x 80cm, which can then expand to form a wall of over 2 metres by 2 metres! It's this incredible transformation that makes it such a popular stand. Transporting is simple as the stand simply collapses in to a small case that can fit in any average sized vehicle. 

Other names Pop Up Displays are known by:

  • Pop Out Systems
  • Pop Up Exhibition Stands
  • Pop Ups
  • Pull Up Exhibition Stands
  • Pop Up Banners

Why choose a Pop Up Stand?

Pop Up Display Stand

Simple to Use

With the ability to set them up in seconds, the lightweight pop up displays are an incredibly easy system to work with. The printed graphics simply adhere to the magnetic strips and join up to form a seamless backdrop that is up and running in minutes. 


For such a large display, one of the best features of pop up displays is how easy they are to transport. The framework reduces down to a compact framework, which can be neatly stored inside a wheeled carry case with the graphics and magnetic bars. What that means is that your pop up display stand can be transported by car, plane or train without any hassle. 


Customisable in more ways than one! Firstly, the graphics panels can be changed over with ease to create an entirely new display, meaning you don't have to replace the hardware. What's more, the framework itself can be joined together with other styled pop ups to create a new shape and fit any display area. For example, if you had a straight display, it could join with an L shaped pop up to work around a bend.

In addition to this, there are many accessories that can be integrated in to a pop up stand. For example LCD screens, literature holders, floodlights and shelves. 


We want you to know that your pop up will last. That's why we offer long guarantees with nearly all of our pop up exhibition stands that cover the aluminium framework against manufacturers defects. That way you can have complete peace of mind, and focus on the important things such as exhibiting!

How do the sizes work?

Pop Up Stand 3x3

Pop Up Stands come in 4 main sizes with variations in between:

  • 2x3
  • 3x3
  • 4x3 

It's quite common for people to assume that those sizes relate to their size in metres, which is incorrect. It's actually a reference to the structure of the frame. referring to the quadrants showing. The first number represents the rows, and the second the number of columns. Almost like a noughts and crosses grid! 

Keep in mind that the quadrants aren't a set size, the dimensions might vary between stands.

How do I design a Pop Up Display Stand?

If you're not sure where to start, don't worry. You won't be left to fend for yourself! Once you've found the right sized pop up, we'll send over template files for you to design your stand. Keep in mind that not all areas of your stand will be visible.

If you would like our graphic design team to come up with a professional design for you, our studio time is £60 per hour. We only charge at 15 minute intervals so you'll only ever be charged for the actual time taken.

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