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Logo Design.

Logo Design

We understand that creating a professional logo design is critical to succeeding and making sure your brand is out there. We've been specialists in logo design since 1999, our sole mission is to make your business appear the best it can be. That means providing you with a bespoke logo design service that's affordable, fast and most importantly involves you every step of the way.

Think of 5 of the biggest brands in the world. It's likely some common names such as Apple, Google, Microsoft amongst others will spring to mind. Can you visualise their logo? Of course you can. A well-designed logo is a key part of building your brand. At the height of business, a logo forms part of the foundations of business success. Take Apple for example, when you see an Apple product with the logo on it, it immediately carries a certain level of expectations, evoking certain emotions and values in the user.

On the other hand if you were to see food with the notorious blue stripes on white packaging, you would likely recognise it at as the Tesco Value range, which similarly brings a certain level of expectation in comparison to the product next door. 

The key message? Logos matter. 

Creative Solutions are a leading logo design agency. Based in the South West, our design team understand the unique requirements of a logo design in representing your business. We'll work alongside you to bring your logo to life, and you'll be involved every step of the way. 

Our design service is focused around understanding your business and the target market. Unlike other designers, our team will take the time to understand your business story, building a clear picture of exactly what you want. We want to build logos that don't just stand of the time, but represent the foundations of your business. Our design team love nothing more than satisfying clients with innovative logo solutions. 

You're in quite safe hands, our designers have more than 15 years experience designing fantastic logos. 

It all starts with a call or an email. Have a word with our wonderful designers to get the ball rolling, they're really quite friendly. 

Logo Design Pricing.

Your business is unique to you, so it's quite logical that your logo will be unique to you as well. With this is mind, our prices are based on a job by job basis. Every design and every client has a unique brief, therefore the process will change dependant on requirements. We pride ourselves on giving an effective service to every client that we work with, fulfilling their vision to the best of our ability.

 For a rough idea, prices start from around £75-80 for a standard logo design with your brief. If you want to find out an exact price or a rough idea, the best solution is to give us a call on 01297 630130 or drop us an email at and we'll take it from there. 

What we need from you.

As much information as you can, the more detailed the brief the faster we can get to work. The best case scenario is you come and see us for a logo design consultation at our base in little Axminster in Devon, but we realise that's not always possible for you folk further away. We're more than happy to work remotely, operating in whatever channel works best for you whether that's phone, email or Skype. If you have a detailed brief and require an on-site consultation, let us know as we're more than happy to come and see you. 

Over the years we've built up a fair amount of experience in logo design, and we know that the design process works best when you're fully integrated in to the process, working in tandem with us with constant communication.

That's what creates the best logos. 

Why choose the Creative Design Studio?

Well why ever not! The answer is that we're a hardworking, honest team of designers that are dedicated to creating innovative, professional and fresh designs for your company. We've been designing logos since 1999, and in that time we've honed our skills and how we work to create a seamless process that gets results. 

We'll always look to offer value for money with our service. We won't be the cheapest you'll find on the internet, and we certainly won't be the most expensive. We offer a middle of the road price for a premium solution, and that tends to result in really happy customers. Give us a try. 

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