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Creative Solutions for Fine Art Printing

Reproducing high quality prints of your artwork

We have extensive experience in helping numerous artists and photographers put there work onto high quality media and substrates. See below for an overview of the products we produce for fine art.

Fine Art Finishing

We are experts in printing and framing, and have recently added finishing to our services. With our experience in the signage and exhibition market, we know how to make something look right. We have fully functioning workshop facilities that can produce any frame you want from routed wood through to solid copper. We can finish stretched canvas, locator mounting behind Perspex and invisible standoff mounting to name a few.

Canvas Printing
Print mounted on aluminium
Print on papers

Canvas Prints

Printing onto canvas is proving ever popular. In their basic form these are perfect for hanging on the wall at home to portray family images. With the more expensive canvas products, we can produce a much finer detail print that some of these canvases may lack. Printing in 10 colours at 1440 dpi, which is the highest resolution available on the market, we can produce images with wow factor and excellent colour definition.

Print mounted on Aluminium

With our brand new printers, we are starting to see a surge in demand for prints on aluminium. We have numerous photographers that trust us to produce their high quality images on aluminium. We pride ourselves on perfectly flat edges, cut on our router. With the absence of a frame, a much higher print quality as the media is a gloss finish adding extra colour vibrancy. The perfectly flat media gives a smoother, more real image than canvas. You also have the option of matt or gloss lamination which canvas does not offer.

Print on Papers

As you will probably be aware there are many different papers. We offer a small stock selection, but will more than happily order in paper to suit your fine art print requirements. We supply textured fine art papers, smooth fine art papers, poster paper, photographic paper and external resistant paper. You will soon be able to view our full range of papers and read about them and see products that they have been used for. In the meantime, please contact our print department for further information and help choosing the product you require on 01297 630130.

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