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Exhibition Stand Buyers Guide

What is an exhibition stand?

An exhibition stand is a form of promotional display most commonly used at exhibitions or trade shows. They can vary in shape and structure, but share a common goal in that they aim to promote a brand. Exhibition stands can have many different meanings, but the basic idea is it's the products you choose to use when you are assigned a space at an exhibition.

An exhibition stand is an opportunity to showcase the very best of your company. It's a unique chance for potential customers to interact with your brand, so it's important to make sure you represent your company in a professional and positive way. 

What should I have on my exhibition stand?

There is a diverse range of products that you can use to fill your exhibition stand. Below is a brief overview of each product area:

Banner Stand Exhibition Stand

Banner Stands

Banner stands are an enduring favourite at exhibitions and trade shows across the UK. The most widely used advertising tool, a banner stand is a portable, upright banner that is supported by a sturdy base with a pole to hold it up at the back. 

With the ability to move them around, pack them away in to a bag and buy them in a huge range of sizes, banner stands are a great option for any exhibition stand.

-  Re-usable
-  Range of sizes and types
-  Easy to set up and pack away

Pop Up Display Stands

Pop Up Stands

Pop up stands are a large format display solution, providing a highly visible backdrop to your exhibition stand. As the name suggests, the displays are designed to simply 'pop up', with any customised design printed on your display. The result is an impressive promotional display that can be transported with ease, making it a cost effective solution if you attend many exhibitions.

-  Range of sizes and shapes
 Custom printed graphics
-  Large format display
-  Easy to set up and pack away

Shell Clad Exhibition Stand

Shell Clad Printed Panels

Shell clad exhibition stands are taking the industry by storm. At many exhibitions, events and trade shows, you will be assigned a blank shell scheme. Shell clad exhibition panels utilise a PVC attachment that clip on to the shell scheme, allowing rollable printed panels to be fixed to the wall seamlessly. This creates a floor to ceiling printed display across the walls of your stand.

-  Create a seamless graphic wall
-  Floor to ceiling graphics
-  Easy to set up a pack away

Counters and Plinths for Exhibition Stands

Printed Counters & Plinths

With the primary aim of increasing brand awareness and enticing customers to your stand, having a printed counter or plinth on your stand is a great way of filling floor space and making your exhibition stand more inviting. With the added advantage of being set up and broken down with ease, counters and plinths are a great addition to any stand.

-  Attracts customers to your stand
-  Encourages interaction
-  Useful for displaying literature and marketing collateral

Display Board Panel Kits Exhibition Stands

Display Boards

The perfect freestanding system, display boards are well suited to any business with a constantly changing message or promotion. Display boards are ideal for exhibition stands, retail or an office environment due to their flexibility. The display boards accept velcro, pins, blue tack and sticky tape for an instant professional display. 

-  Wide range of sizes & shapes
-  Display can be changed with ease
-  Used at exhibitions, retail & offices

Literature Racks and Literature Stands for Exhibition Stands

Literature Racks

Literature racks or literature stands are well suited for exhibition stands or any retail environment. Our range of well designed literature racks are professional, unobtrusive displays for your brochures, magazines and printed media. 

They can be set up and taken down with considerable ease and in a matter of minutes.

-  Range of styles and sizes
-  Simple to assemble
-  Stylish addition to exhibition stand

Things to think about for your exhibition stand

When planning your exhibition stand, it's important to focus on what the end goal is. With many exhibitions costing a fee to exhibit, it is worthwhile committing the time to finding the right supplier with the right quality products. Customers are saturated with options of who's stand to look at, who to engage with and ultimately who to provide their business. Standing out from competitors with a great exhibition stand and strategy can make all the difference.

When browsing the internet for exhibition stands, keep focussed on the quality of product as well as the price point. Of course it's integral to save money where possible, but the damage a poorly printed product can cause in reputation can often outweigh the savings made. Look for quality products that can be re-used and will stand the test of time.

For all your enquiries and exhibition stand needs, choose Creative Solutions. With over 25 years experience providing companies up and down the UK with high quality exhibition stand products, we are able to help design, print, install and take down your exhibition stand. Call us on 01297 630130, or email us at

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