3M Envision™ Print Wrap Films

Industry-leading Non-PVC Vehicle Graphics

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Industry Changing Performance

The 3M Envision Wrap is a bit of a game-changer in the vehicle graphics industry, and Creative Solutions are leading the way. The latest non-PVC print wrap films offer fantastic value, and for a limited time we are offering it at the same price as our standard vehicle wrapping vinyl (3M IJ380). You can now choose an environmentally friendly film with excellent durability and ultra high quality.

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Exceptional Clarity

By nature the Envision Wrap is more durable than vinyl, and offers greater resistance to high temperatures, moisture and even acid dew. The end result is unrivaled clarity with a fantastic gloss finish, meaning you can choose high performance technology with a sustainable edge.

Textured Surface

You can install the Envision film on to an incredible variety of surfaces. It could be a car, a boat, a fridge! The incredible technology means you can wrap just about anything, the films are designed to stretch up to 150% without lifting

Sustainability Matters

We understand that it can be difficult to change from materials and processes that you know work well. With 3M Envision Wrap Films, you get even more performance, and they’re greener. All from a company you trust for exceptional quality.

Eco Friendly

3M Envision Wraps are:

• Non-PVC

• Phthalate-free

• Made in part with bio-based materials

• Manufactured using 58% less solvent

• Made without chlorine or other halogens added

3m Print Film Wrap
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