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Dry-Wipe Whiteboards from Creative Solutions

Whiteboards that stand the test of time

Our diverse range of whiteboards are made with you in mind. We aim to make a simple process even simpler.

Dry Wipe Whiteboards can be magnetic or non-magnetic; they can be custom printed with your branding, charts, grids or maps. They can have perpetual calendars – weekly, monthly or annual printed on them to make excellent wall planners. Or you can order them in pure white. There are combination board options too – whiteboard and corkboard, whiteboard and fabric / felt-board. 

We like to be versatile, and that's why whiteboards remain one of our most popular products. 

Non-magnetic Whiteboards
Magnetic Whiteboards
Custom Printed Whiteboards

Non-magnetic Whiteboards

Primarily used for writing, non-magnetic whiteboards are a popular board. We supply non-magnetic whiteboards in a range of  8 standard sizes. Creative Solutions can print your board to a custom size, allowing it fit seamlessly in to any given space. Non-magnetic whiteboards are perfect for meetings, note taking and brainstorming. Basically any function where you need to quickly be able to jot information down to not forget it! 

Magnetic Whiteboards

We always print our magnetic whiteboards from scratch. This gives us the greatest control over the quality of the magnetic whiteboard you will receive. We insist on using only the best quality laminate.With our whiteboards customisation is easy and we can produce your magnetic whiteboard in any custom size. There are 3 main types of magnetic whiteboard, laquered steel whiteboards, Vitreous Enamel whiteboards and Projector whiteboards.

Custom Printed Whiteboards

Creative Solutions only use the best quality laminate for your custom printed whiteboard. We can print any design onto our whiteboards and have a choice of laminated finishes to suit your printed whiteboard budget. We have a standard and premium (5 year guarantee) printed drywipe finish, available on either magnetic whiteboards or non magnetic whiteboards. We have tested every drywipe pen we can find and have not found one yet that marks our premium printed whiteboard. 

Handheld Whiteboards
Mobile Whiteboards
Free Standing Whiteboards

Handheld Whiteboards

Our ultra-smooth handheld whiteboards are ideal for group or educational environments. We can print double sided and to any size specification. We print a feint guideline background grip on one side with smooth corners for safety. This hand held dry wipe white board is also supplied with 1 year manufacturers' warranty.

Mobile Whiteboards

A popular and lightweight whiteboard. Made of aluminium, it has a locking pivot mechanism and pen tray underneath. Guideline grid surface on one side with plain surface on the other. The mobile dry-wipe whiteboard is supplied with a 2 year manufacturers' warranty.

Free Standing Whiteboards

Our freestanding whiteboards are superior quality, and are built to last. They are ideal for areas that are conjested or have high footfall. Robust construction with 58 & 23mm wide aluminium profile frame bonded to board and clear acrylic panel. Dry-wipe white boards are mounted on 1000mm or 1800mm high posts with a substantial steel base, and can be angled from vertical to 45 degrees. They have an ultra smooth surface.

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