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Custom Signs

We make custom signs in all shapes, sizes and materials

Creative Solutions offer the complete signage package. Our services include custom sign design. sign manufacture to your bespoke requirements and sign installation or delivery service.Our high quality custom signs are expertly designed and manufactured in-house using the best quality materials in the industry.

The range of materials is endless and we can buy in sign materials for your specific sign project. We have the team and facilities to produce any sign that you can dream of...

Below is a list of our popular custom signs. This list is not exhaustive and please use the 'Request a Quote' button in the bottom right corner or call us on 01297 630130 to discuss your requirements.

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River Cottage Wooden Sleeper Sign with Metal Lettering
Custom Shaped Red Bull Wooden Signs
Illuminated Lettering on Totem Sign

Custom Wood Signs

Wood is a beautiful material to use for signs, it allows signs to fit into natural environments and to be stained to colours but still keeping the grain of the wood visible. We can produce Oak signs, MDF signs, Plywood Signs, Hardwood Signs or Softwood Signs.

With our in house sign manufacture we can rout wood signs to shape and have raised lettering or relief lettering into the wood. There is a huge range of finishes for wooden signage and we are skilled in the craft, so please click the 'Request a Quote' button on the left of the screen and we will contact you to discuss your custom wood sign requirements.

Custom Shaped Signs

Signs no longer have to be square or rectangular. With state of the art sign manufacturing we can cut virtually any sign shape from any material. We have a flat bed router to cut shaped aluminium signs, shaped wooden signs, shaped ACM signs, and shaped PVC signs. If your material needs to be a harder substrate such as steel or stone, then we have the facility to use a waterjet cutter that will cut shapes stone signs, shape granite signs, shapes steel signs, or shaped metal signs. Please click the 'Request a Quote' button on the left of the screen and we will contact you to discuss your custom shaped sign requirements.  

Custom Illuminated Signs

Sign illumination is becoming more widespread. Signs do no now need the expense of neon lighting as LED technology has change the face of illuminated signage as it is now a much lower cost to produce and more importantly running costs are greatly reduced. We produce illuminated lettering, illuminated sign trays, large sign light boxes and illuminated totem signs to name a few. Please click the 'Request a Quote' button on the left of the screen and we will contact you to discuss you custom illuminated sign requirements.

Axminster Tools custom light box sign
Custom Totem Sign
Bespoke Hoarding Signage

Custom Light box Signs

Large light boxes are widely used in retail signage. These are becoming more popular as the offer an extremely viable sign solution, especially during the hours of darkness. Our light boxes can be custom shaped to your design, The work using a banner vinyl which can be replaced by our installation teams if this is ever required. Light boxes are now LED powered so are much cheaper signs to run. We also install our light box signs with photocell sensors so that the sign switches off during bright daylight hours. Please click the 'Request a Quote' button on the left of the screen and we will contact you to discuss you custom light box sign requirements.

Custom Totem Signs

Totem Signs are excellent signs for displaying lists of information. We build these totem signs to order as each totem sign will depend on your custom sign requirements as these need to be tailored to fit the information required by you. These can be directory listing signs for business parks, entrance signs to premises, information signs, educational signs and directional signs. Please click the 'Request a Quote' button on the left of the screen and we will contact you to discuss you custom totem sign requirements.

Bespoke External Signs

We are more than happy to sit down with you and design and manufacture a sign to your own requirements. There are so many options, there is no way we can list them all here, but we are sure we can help with your custom sign requirements.

Please contact us to discuss bespoke design and bespoke sign manufacture in an endless array of materials and construction methods. Use the request a quote button in the bottom right corner, or give us a call on 01297 630130 to see how we can help.

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