Would You Throw A Street Party?

With all the preparations for the Queen's diamond Jubilee celebrations events being in the spotlight it got me thinking-as a nation we are outstanding ceremonialists. From pageants, parades, concerts, services, processions, projects, right down to local street parties, we really know how to mark a special occasion. We take pride in the skill: the conceptualising, design, planning and execution that make for a great event. We value the sense of community, positivity and morale building such events engender.

So, as business owners in the process of brand management, what can we learn from this?
Here's a series of questions or prompts that I found useful to think about.

1.       How do we celebrate our brand? (Why are we worth celebrating?)

2.       What markers do we acknowledge with pride each year?

3.       In what ways can we share our celebration with our clients and suppliers?

4.       How can our willingness to celebrate enhance our clients' experience of our brand?

5.       Why don't we set up a brand X day each year?

6.       As a brand, are we truly part of our local community? Who will party with us?

7.       What is the widest reach a celebration event can travel?

8.       Can a celebration event have a long lasting effect? How can that be achieved?

9.       Whose celebrations do we honour and applaud?

10.   What is the best celebration I have ever attended, and why?

Posted on May 1st 2012

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