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Window Tint Installation for Otter Valley Dairy


Window Tint Installation for Otter Valley Dairy


Otter Valley Dairy

Otter Valley Ice Cream and Field Kitchen is a foodies haven! Starting from humble beginnings serving and making gelato ice cream from scratch in a summerhouse, after 8years to large field kitchen took its place, with some stunning 360 panoramic views of the Otter Valley. Nestled in an area of Outstanding Natural  Beauty, the Field Kitchen is remote enough to be surrounded by countryside, but close enough to the A30 to be easily accessible.

Otter Valley Dairy prides itself on family, everything from scratch and creating the best homemade foods around. Having such large expanses of glass fronted building sure is a dream, but can come with some pesky side-effects during the warmer months of the year...


Keeping Cool

The window spaces were all measured to allow for a precision edge-to-edge vinyl application so the large open-plan seating area and cafe would be fully protected. The window tint film used hosts a world of benefits not only for UV-protection, but also to filter out light, making it easier to sit in the window spaces for longer and not burn or get too hot.  A tinted option was chosen for the added benefit of creating a shiny aesthetic, without obstructing light availability in the cafe. The benefits of UV  Window tint film also include:

  • 100% ultraviolet UVA and UVB ray rejections
  • High infared heat rejection
  • Blocks damaging UV rays
  • Non-oxidised (non-toxic)
  • Non-fading
  • Super wear-resistant
  • High anti-scratch
  • Long-Term usage

Perfect for this type of space and usage, UV Window tint will allow for Otter Vally Dairy's visitors to enjoy the outside views all year round, without the fear of getting too hot in the window seating, it will also aid heat reducing, as the tint acts like a pair of sunglasses meaning direct sunlight cannot penetrate it, allowing the room to stay cooler and fresh during the warmer months of the year.

The window vinyl has a very strong, non-toxic adhesive to cling to the window surface, and can be used for many years looking fresh as the day it was applied with a non-fading, super wear resistant finish.


Why choose Creative Solutions for Window Tint

Our Installations Team are incredibly well versed in all types of vinyl applications. From hard to reach areas, textured of difficult surfaces as well as large open span places like windows, car bonnets and buildings. We go the extra mile to make sure you have a perfect finish, with no remnants of the job undertaken left afterwards, as well as a sign-off once application has been completed on site.

We take great pride in our clients as well as the work completed and like to share these stories here in informative blogs, as well as on our social media. By raving about our clients and the solutions we can provide them, we like to think you get added exposure, whilst we can flex our teams training muscles, and get them out the office for a day!

Due to the highly bespoke nature of window tints and films we offer, we will always recommended conducting a site visit and assessing your needs. Interested in protecting your interior spaces this summer? Use our contact form below, and our team will happily assist you.

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Posted by Samantha on June 18th 2022

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