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Window Graphics for The Lyme Bay Cafe & Bar


Window Graphics for The Lyme Bay Cafe & Bar


The Lyme Bay - Cafe & Bar

The Lyme Bay Café & Bar is based right on the coastline, offering superb panoramic views over the bay, Cobb Harbour, and along the world-famous Jurassic coastline. Locally based and locally minded - all the delicious menu offerings are sourced from the immediate area to reflect Lyme Regis' growing food scene. A relaxed space to sit, chat and take in the beautiful scenery and array of artwork and decorations, this cafe and bar are taking the impacts of Covid on with grace and savvy business organisation.


Bold Black & Gold Text Display

The Lyme Bay Cafe & Bar have fantastically large high street facing wall of windows which had been previously tinted to allow for some internal privacy for diners. It was now time to utilise this large display space, and capture the cafe's eclectic mix of food and beverages to tantilize passers-by with a well coordinated mix of typography and decal lettering.

When creating a large text display like these, best practice dictates good spacing, bold colours and a stylish mix of fonts to help readers take in information quickly and ponder the offering. If you're ever in doubt, our in-house Design Team will create a proof sheet for you so you can see your space with the design in place before any work commences.

When creating a mixed text display like this with two types of vinyl, we will always test the media before any work commences so you get the best results and longevity possible. Our client had sourced a Brushed Leaf Effect Adhesive Backed Vinyl they loved but was new to us and our cutters. We are well equipped with types of vinyls for all occasions, but when a new one crosses our path you have seen, we are more than happy to investigate this and add to our collection! After running the tests, it all went well so we progressed with a larger purchase to get the job going.


Ridiculously Good Vinyl

Firstly the black vinyl lettering outline is applied to the outside of the window. This offers a solid base for the second, hammered gold effect vinyl, to sit onto. By doing this in two stages, it allows the installation team to check the quality of the application and also as the lifespan of the gold lettering differs to the black underneath it, it can be easily removed and replaced when needed without the whole display needing to come down.

Window Graphics, Decals and Vinyl Stickers come in all forms, from lettering a text like here, or full colour prints. You can choose from an array of finishes too including matt, gloss, contravision and even UV-protection tint.

This fantastic installation now beckons passers-by to cast their eye over the windows and is a perfect use of such a large advertisement space! It was a pleasure to work with The Lyme Bay Cafe & Bar to add to their business display ready for the peak summer trading season.

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Posted by Samantha on July 5th 2022

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