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Window Graphics for Squirrel Seaton


Squirrel Seaton is a popular green grocery store located in the seaside town of Seaton in East Devon. Specialising in whole-foods and all things plant-based, Squirrel Seaton’s focus is on operating with as little environmental impact as possible. 

Their products include organic fruit from local suppliers Riverford, Haye Farm and Trill Farm Garden, plant-based dairy and meat alternatives, and organic wholefood refills.


Squirrel Seaton were looking for some colourful and engaging shopfront signage for their Devon-based grocery store. They dropped an email to Creative Solutions to see how we could help. Luckily for Squirrel Seaton, we have years of experience in designing and creating high-quality shop signage, in a number of different retail and business sectors.

For any small business in Devon, shopfront signage is a fundamental and effective way of drawing customers to your store.  An engaging shopfront will catch the attention of a potential shopper and encourage them to take a look inside. For Squirrel Seaton, or any other food retailer, it’s important for the would-be customer to get a sense of quality from the shop signage. Enticing graphics of fruit and vegetables, for example, would be a surefire way of representing your brand and the wares you have on offer. 

It was decided then, that we would install high-quality window graphics depicting watercolour-style images of various fruits, vegetables, dried foods - plus a charming image of a squirrel. A key visual component of their brand.


We designed and manufactured two high-quality window graphics; one for each window of the Squirrel Seaton store. Both images were full-colour printed onto gloss vinyl, backed in white for application inside of the glass. Creative Solutions were able to prepare the windows and install the graphics.

The watercolour effect creates an immediate, lasting impact—the combination of the sketched artwork and high-definition colour makes for a stunning visual display. The client was thrilled with the final aesthetic; they felt the graphics perfectly embodied their brand and business.

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Posted on September 25th 2020

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