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Window Frosting for Residential Properties


Our residential properties client got in touch recently about the prospect of installing frosted film for the outdoor glass panelling of their residential property. The five glass panels surround a rooftop decking area of the building where the client might dine or simply relax on a fine summer’s afternoon.

Frosted window film is a stylish, contemporary design choice for both residential and commercial use. For windows, it’s a smart alternative for net curtains and blinds—they allow natural light into a space without jeopardizing privacy. Not only is it an affordable option, frosted glass is quick and easy to install. 

For this particular job, because this was an outdoor area, where the client might spend time relaxing or dining, privacy was a key issue. Frosted glass isn’t as obstructive as fencing or completely blocked-out panelling; for the client, it would allow plenty of light into the space while subtly concealing their rooftop terrace from the outside world. Julian would be able to spend time on the decking without worrying who was looking in!

As well as supplying window frosting for residential properties such as this, Creative Solutions have a wealth of knowledge and expertise installing a wide range of window graphics, decals and vinyl stickers for business use. Whatever your company building’s needs, we can provide a high-quality, affordable product.

Your stickers will be created using our state-of-the-art printers in flawless high-definition, producing vivid colours and stunning clarity. Perhaps you’re a greengrocer looking for window graphics that might entice customers into your store, or a law firm needing a sophisticated company logo for your office window. Whatever your requirements, we can help.


We supplied the client with dusted etch vinyl film for the five glass panels surrounding the outdoor rooftop decking area of their property. Each panel measured 1200mm by 740mm. The window frosting is perfectly fit for purpose—plenty of natural light is allowed into the space while maintaining the client’s privacy. The client was delighted with the results and the service provided. The client can now enjoy their outdoor space in comfort and peace.

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Posted on October 21st 2020

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