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Window & Door Graphics for Colwin Way Woodturner at Miller's Farm Shop


Window & Door Graphics for Colwin Way Woodturner at Miller's Farm Shop


Colwin Way Woodturner

Born and bred in local Lyme Regis, Colwin has made a path for himself from an early age exploring a hobby-turned-full-time-job in Woodturning, Woodworking and tuition!

After expanding his knowledge of the field behind a lathe and in woodland management, Colwin was approached by Axminster Tools & Machinery to become a trainer and demo-expert.

As he ventured to shows, training events and demonstrations, it became more apparent to start a hub for people to come to him, and that's where Millers comes in!

Millers Farm Shop recently had a series of navigational signage installed to assist visitors on the site, and is fast becoming an eclectic shopping experience with a hub of businesses surrounding it. Selling everything from local delicacies and produce at the farm store, you can also visit Love Ria for home goods and gifting, Not Just Travel for a restful holiday and now Colwin Way Woodturner for furniture, utensils and training.

Front Door Silver Etched Door Graphics for Colwin Way Woodturner
Window Sash Silver Etched Door Graphics for Colwin Way Woodturner


Welcome To Millers, Colwin!

Creating a hub for training, YouTube video tutorials and a shop space, Colwin Way Woodturner landed at the growing and increasingly popular Miller's Farm Shop.

To start the branded space journey, the team just wanted to get something onto the store to replace the paper posters to let people know they were open. Colwin initially wanted some new window and front door graphics designed to welcome customers and students to the space, with signage being factored in for a later date once designs had been finalised.

Colwin was incredibly on the ball with providing information, layout designs, fonts and measurements for our graphic designers to draw up some concepts to start narrowing down on. It was decided the window vinyls would look best in a Silver Etched finish to not distract from passers-by looking in, and also better display Colwin's contact details, YouTube channel and the stores opening hours.


Silver Etched Window Graphics

Window graphics created by Creative Solutions will always be produced from specialist vinyls vigorously tested and the best on the market for signmakers. Especially when being applied to glass and partition surfaces for business signage that will see a great deal of heat change, sunlight and general wear and tear from cleaning, it is in our interest to make sure your graphics are going to be incredibly long-lasting, UV-resistant, and high-tack to stop pealing edges.

The bold font chosen worked incredibly well and is highly visible in its silver etch finish, the smaller details like the wood turning curls at the bottom of the door are the perfect edition and finish of the framing of the door in a cleaver on-brand way.

It was a pleasure to be back at Millers working with Colwin Way Woodturner for this project! The site is a fantastic one to visit and we wish the new business all the best after their grand opening!

Glass Window Graphics Displaying Contact & Opening Information for Not Just Travel

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Posted by Samantha on February 21st 2024

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