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Why Recycled Notice Polycolour Notice Boards Make Fire Safety Sense

Who would have thought that the old notice board hanging on your wall at home or in the office could present a hidden fire safety hazard? In fact, many traditional boards are highly flammable. The BBC reports that Labour’s David Drew recently claimed that some are even constructed from the same materials as firelighters. No wonder he has called on the government to look again at safety standards for notice boards used in public buildings, schools and colleges!

If you are looking for an alternative, look no further! Recycled polycolour notice boards offer a safe and practical solution for use at home and in the workplace. They come in seven vibrant colours and boast a soft felt-like finish. They can be selected unframed or framed in aluminium or hardwood, providing all the inspiration you need to get creative and match up to your current style and colour scheme. These boards are versatile too. As well as using them on walls you can put them on ceilings and integrate them into existing furniture systems. And, if the open plan office is a touch too noisy, choose recycled notice boards. Not only are they decorative, they also absorb sound with a noise reduction co-efficient of 0.8.

Highly affordable polycolour notice boards are 100% plastic, with 90% of that sourced from recycled plastic bottles so they are kind to the environment. Best of all, they come with Class B fire resistance which means they fall fully in line with David Drew’s demand that governmental guidelines concerning fire safety in schools should be revised to ensure all notice boards fitted in these settings are fire-safe to European class B standard (or a national equivalent).

It's time to ditch the danger, throw out the old, and invest in a new eco-friendly fire-resistant recycled polycolour notice board. Why not do it today? 

Posted by Jedd on February 27th 2019

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