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Whiteboards or Notice Boards—Why Not Both?

Whether it’s for the office, the classroom, a public building, or for your home, notice boards and whiteboards can both be important practical additions to a multifunctioning space. In the hectic, fast-paced nature of modern life, these simple yet versatile tools can help improve productivity, organisation, your work presentations—as well as being a stylish place to post all your brainstorms and moments of inspiration! 

In order to make the right decision; to ensure that you’re choosing the board that best caters for your specific needs, it’s first vital to understand the qualities of both. 

Here at Creative Solutions, we have years of experience in designing and creating high-quality notice boards and whiteboards—so who better to guide you through the numerous things to consider before making the investment?


What’s the difference?

Traditionally, the main difference between notice boards and whiteboards is that notice boards are used exclusively to pin items to—whether it’s posters, advertisements, or, unsurprisingly, notices. A whiteboard’s primary function, on the other hand, is to be written on with a dry-wipe marker

So far, so simple.

As times have changed, however, those distinction lines have become somewhat blurred. The rise in popularity of magnetic surfaces, on which magnetic counters can be used to attach items—in the same way a pin fixes a document to a notice board—means that whiteboards can almost perform the same function as their pinnable brethren.

So why not simply bin the idea of notice boards altogether and stick with magnetic whiteboards?  Well, let’s try and tackle some of these questions by looking at the specific benefits of each product.

Eco-friendly notice board with timber frame

The advantages of a notice board

Durability: If there’s one crowning feature of a Creative Solutions notice board—it’s that they’re built to last. Whichever surface material you opt for— be it felt, fabric, sundeala, forbo nairn, or cork—you can guarantee a premium build quality that ensures your product will stand the test of time. For further structural rigidity, there’s also the option to finish your notice board with an aluminium or wooden frame. 

For extra durability and protection, we have a range of internal lockable notice boards in our catalogue, and customers will be encouraged to learn that fire retardant felt woven notice boards are also available—particularly useful in public settings. 

Economy: Because of the natural materials involved in creating our notice boards, they are relatively inexpensive to buy. Take a look through our range and see for yourself how you could save money investing in a Creative Solutions notice board.

Eco-friendly: For the environmentally-conscious among us, it’s worth noting that many of our notice boards are built using recyclable and FSC-approved source materials. Take the eco-friendly notice board with timber frame, for example, made from recycled materials and available in 5 different felt colours. Cost-effective, low environmental impact—a shrewd choice.

Design: With a vast range of materials, frames, sizes, and dimensions to choose from, the humble notice board has quickly turned into a super versatile product that can be designed to fit your own specific needs. Perhaps your office needs a revamp when it comes to organising internal work notices? Choosing a selection of boards, each with their own colour-coded surface to signal priority might be a great solution.

Weight: What do felt, aluminium and cork all have in common? Not only are they materials used heavily in the production of Creative Solutions notice boards, they are also naturally very light. This makes mounting, hanging, and maneuvering the product a straightforward task.

Whiteboard wall

The advantages of a whiteboard

Function: A simple yet crucial feature of a whiteboard, one that pushes it ahead of a notice board in terms of function, is that they can be directly written upon. Scribble down ideas, write up lists, draw pie charts to your heart’s content on our range of easy-wipe whiteboards.

Versatility: Creative Solutions can print almost any custom design onto our whiteboards; whether it’s a map, artwork, a calendar, a detailed planner—anything, really, that you could pluck from your imagination. 

The scope of the product means that it can perform in a wide variety of environments. Whether it’s a home office, a classroom, or a staff meeting room; whether it’s a work rota you need, or a detailed map of the UK—printed whiteboards can meet the challenge!

Meanwhile, a Creative Solutions magnetic whiteboard features a premium vitreous enamel surface with low-glare properties, making it perfect for use with a projector.

Style: There’s a certain sleek, clean elegance to a traditional whiteboard; a modern design aesthetic that’s perfectly suited for office environments and classrooms. 

For an extra dose of style and refinement, why not take a look at our frameless whiteboards. A super product that, due to its seamless design, can turn any wall into a stunning printed whiteboard display—ideal for an office brainstorming session, or, perhaps, an adaptable learning tool for a child’s bedroom. Just slot them together!

Eco-friendly: It’s a simple enough equation. Whiteboards reduce the need to print out documents. Less paper means fewer trees being felled. And if you want more environmental credentials for our whiteboards, look no further than the eco-friendly dry-wipe whiteboard.

Whiteboard and notice board

Best of both worlds!

If you’re having trouble deciding which product might work best for your environment—as always, there’s a solution. Why not have both?

One of our most versatile products, perfect for a work space, a classroom or at home, is our combination cork notice board, which comes in a range of different sizes and has an encouragingly low environmental impact rating.

The section of corkboard, on which to pin your notes, is flanked by a secondary panel of either magnetic or non-magnetic whiteboard surface. A wonderfully versatile product that borrows the best features of both the whiteboard and notice board.


Notice boards or whiteboards...or both? These are important decisions to make when creating your perfect working or learning environment, but not one you need to make alone. Please feel free to contact the team here at Creative Solutions, if you’d like any advice on our range of high-quality notice and whiteboards. We’d be happy to talk!

Artwork and Design

Your artwork should be sent to us in PDF format if possible. Ensure all critical information is within a 50mm bleed around the outside. We are able to help design, print and produce your whiteboard for you. 

For further information, please read our Artwork Preparation guide or call our artwork studio on 01297 630130.

Need help with your Whiteboard?

Why not use our in-house design team to help you make the most out of your Whiteboard.

Our designers will work with you to create a professional design to your exact specifications. You can be as involved in the design process as you want to be, either working side by side with our designers or giving them your design brief.

Unlike some other companies, we want to offer value for money, so we ensure that you are only charged for the actual time taken to create your design (minimum 15-minute intervals). Formatting a quick layout may be free of charge where all logos and text are readily supplied. 


Posted by Samantha on January 8th 2022

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